Genealogists love to "breath" the air where their forefathers once lived. Most of our ancestors were naturally peasants and only a few of their buildings remain today. But if you are lucky to have some noble origins it is quite an experience to wander around in the castles where your great-grandfathers once lived. 

In the much wasted time I have during my lecture tours in Denmark, Sweden and Norway I am trying to map out all my family's former possessions (and tacitly plotting to one day recover them!) Until I succeed in that they are well suited as overnight accommodations on my tours. This, however, was not quite the opinion of the royal family of Norway when I knocked at their official residence, Stiftsamtgården in Trondhjem, built by my children's 11th great-grandfather, Schøller. Then I had more luck spending the night in our old royal seat, Gjølme, outside Trondheim. 
Here is an overview of my most stately sleeping quarters.....and my family "claims" to them:

Our 190 castles in Jylland (Jutland)

Our 80 castles in Sjælland (Sealand) 

Our 62 castles in Fyn 

Our 60 castles in Skåne, Halland and Blekinge

Our castles in Schleswig-Holsten (not yet finished)

Our castles in Norway (not yet finished)

Our castles in Sweden (not yet finished)

Our castles in Germany (not yet finished)

Our castles in France (not yet finished)

Our castles in England (not yet finished)


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My historic(al) run across Denmark to the castle of Kalmar in Sweden - built by our  22. great- grandfather, king Knut Eriksson
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