The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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Woman against corrugated iron Boys on tires in sunset Woman with photos of absentee husband Young mother in doorway
Namibia-053 Namibia-054 Namibia-055 Namibia-056
Boy in yellow shirt Mother breastfeeding Washing up in the dessert Depressed woman in blue bed
Namibia-057 Namibia-058 Namibia-059 Namibia-060
Woman sewing her own clothes 98-year old man in village Motherly love Salmi's sister laying sick
Namibia-061 Namibia-062 Namibia-063 Namibia-064
Woman in her kitchen Time for a drink .....all day long Old woman in her kitchen Salmi's big sister
Namibia-065 Namibia-066 Namibia-067 Namibia-068
Young girl after school Woman in blue bed Ruby in her tin shack Agnes in her tin roof shack
Namibia-069 Namibia-070 Namibia-071 Namibia-072
Agnes in her tin roof shack Mother with children in Katutura Single woman with two children Good night story in the slums

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