The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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Safe sex saves lives Girl carry sister in sunset Sick man in Oshakati Children of the rainbow
Namibia-029 Namibia-030 Namibia-031 Namibia-032
My hostess reading the Bible for her mother Mother playing with her two children Flirtatious man with woman Urban woman with sheaves
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Woman in her shop No slums without the blues One step from the dessert Slum dweller with the blues
Namibia-037 Namibia-038 Namibia-039 Namibia-040
Father with his baby Sick man with woman in wheel chair "Better red than dead" Children playing with tires
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Woman with hanging tub Breastfeeding woman in the North Depressed woman with no food Girl in front of her pink shack
Namibia-045 Namibia-046 Namibia-047 Namibia-048
Woman in a dark place Woman cooking in front of her home Urban child locked up in the country Children with white dolls

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