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Introduction History Music Weaving
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Tarabucco Titicaca Military Succre - Potosi
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Mining Coca growing Altiplano at Potosi Central Altiplano
bolivia-0542 bolivia-0571 bolivia-0609 bolivia-0648
Disease Funerals and religion Burn and slash Rain forest
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Over grassing Soil erosion La Paz Students
bolivia-0885 bolivia-0923 bolivia-0978 bolivia-1017
Schools Sad children CARE driving Nature
bolivia-1058 bolivia-1117 bolivia-1133 bolivia-1183
CARE projects Harvest Potatoes Slaughter
bolivia-1218 bolivia-1232 bolivia-1268 bolivia-1322
CARE meetings Women's groups Mothers Happy children
bolivia-1345 bolivia-1485 bolivia-1507 bolivia-1512
Prince Joachim Altiplano dance Sheepish ending Good bye

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