The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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Nursery rhymes Cecilia's sickness In the glow of the kerosene lamp Agnes in front of her shack
Namibia-077 Namibia-078 Namibia-079 Namibia-080
Agnes and the wrath of God Agnes after the robbery My Donna Soon to be orphan
Namibia-081 Namibia-082 Namibia-083 Namibia-084
Orphan Old woman caring for aids orphans Sick Ovambo woman A mother dying from aids
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A dying mother with her children Waiting for her death Lesbian love Typical slum dwelling in Windhoek
Namibia-089 Namibia-090 Namibia-091 Namibia-092
Typical slum dwelling in Owamboland Young man with no job Bedtime in a Katutura shack Intact family in Big Bend
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Woman in blue barrels Unemployed man resting Couple in Big Ben outside Windhook Woman in Big Ben - a slum around Windhook

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