Rikke's American trip

with thanks to all you friends who helped us out on my recent tour
....especially during our numerous car break downs!

by Jacob Holdt




This page is especially made for Rikke and those of you who met her. Click on photos for background stories and enlargements.

See Rikke talk on Danish TV about visiting the KKK

Page 1.
Meeting the people from the book or the slideshow:

With Alphonso from page 200 in book
(side 182 i den gamle danske bog)


With Alphonso from page 200 in book


With Eddie Rush - my ex-wife Annie Rush's second cousin


With Lep from page 97 in book
(side 79 gl. dansk bog)


With Linda from page 145 in book
(side 126-129 i gl. dansk bog)


With Mary from page 107 in book
(side 99 i gl. dansk bog)


With Klan leader's wife, Pamela


Outside Wilmas shack in Alabama


With Rita - mother of the massmurderer
on the photo. He is now in prison for life


With Samantha who had been two years in prison
for beating a black schoolfriend up


With my friend Tommy from page 130 in my book
(side 116 i gl. dansk bog)


Driving with Tommy in the same Jaguar he picked
me up in in 1973


Checking the engine


Having fun with Tommy


At Tommys swimmingpool


With Virginia whose son Louis is in photo on page 25
(side 20 i gl. dansk bog)


With Virginia Pate from page 34 in book
(side 28 i gl. dansk bog)

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