Black child in poverty - a victim of racism and social injustice. Click on all photos and reviews for enlargements and full text Can we
love the
Ku Klux Klan?
Racism - for most of us symbolized by the Ku Klux Klan - yet members of hate groups are usually victims of oppression too
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the book











Ku Klux Klan

From my project on so-called hate groups, by Jacob Holdt,
creator of American Pictures, conducting lectures and anti-racism workshops
in more than 400 American universities for 25 years. 


....but is the Klan really about hate?

I have found love and hospitality in all social groups, so I was not surprised to find it in the Ku Klux Klan. What did surprise me was to find far less hate in their hearts and minds than I find in so many other people - especially in the feelings toward Muslims in my own country, Denmark. What disturbs me when staying with the Klan is rather seeing society's hatred of them - experiencing their constant fear of getting fire bombs and gunshots through their windows. Not to speak of seeing millions of people end up on my website through "ku klux klan"-searches in Google. Apparently people all over the world "worship the devil."
So this is a good place to test YOUR own racism. For when you look at these pictures of my Klan friends I wonder if you are really capable of seeing them with profound love without prejudging them! Ask yourself if they are dressing up like this for their own sake....or in order to actually satisfy YOUR need to hate others?

If you fail this tolerance test, read my surprising background story here!

Or see the movie about America's worst Klan leader, whom I took with me around
the ghettos to meet my black friends ......and who shortly after quit as a Klan leader

See also on TV my black ex-wife talk about KKK's terror in
her childhood town known from "Mississippi Burning"

See the photos from my trip with a black woman to the Klan headquarter

See my photos from another Klan group in the South

Total gallery of Ku Klux Klan pictures

There are many more interviews, stories and movies about the KKK in Danish on this website.
I will later translate them and also talk more about what my purpose is of here trying to contradict the prevailing view about these so-called hate groups.


usa-kkkak02-030 usa-kkkak02-031 usa-kkkak02-033 usa-kkkak02-032
The Klan
seen from above
Saying prayer before
Sunday dinner
Grand Dragon and her
bodyguard's dinner
Saying grace
usa-kkkak02-039 usa-kkkak02-012 usa-kkkak02-003 usa-kkkak02-013
Security person in the 
Ku Klux Klan
Pam in the Klan hood Pamela ironing her hood Pamela as young
usa-kkkak02-034 usa-kkkak02-035 usa-kkkak02-036 usa-kkkak02-037
Pamela feeding Klan
leader's grandchild
Grand Dragon's
Sunday dinner
Saying grace at
Klan dinner
Sunday dinner in Indiana
usa-kkkak02-002  usa-kkkak03-002  usa-kkkak02-015 usa-kkkak02-009
Visiting "the Imperial
Wizard" in prison
Pamela with black friend Pamela with white friend Pamela thinking of
Jeffery in prison
usa-kkkak02-028 usa-kkkak02-025 usa-kkkak02-026 usa-kkkak02-014
The Klan leader's
Klan leader's grandchild
in the rebel flag
Jeffery's grandchild
in the flag of hate
American Pride 
World Wide
usa-kkkak02-018 usa-kkkak02-019 usa-kkkak02-020 usa-kkkak02-004
Pamela drawing with
Jeffery's grandchild
Pamela drawing with
The Klan leader's
grandchild drawing
Pamela with photos
of Jeffery
usa-kkkak02-023 usa-kkkak02-022 usa-kkkak0001 usa-kkkak02-021
Pamela playing with
the grandchild
Learning to say
"White power
Jeffery's group at a
cross lightening
Pam dressing up in
the Klan hood
usa-kkkak02-005 usa-kkkak02-024 usa-kkkak02-010 usa-kkkak02-029
Pamela on the
KKK phone
Pamela and grandchild
in the rebel flag
Pamela writing to Jeffery Pamela and grandchild
in front of TV
usa-kkkak02-038 usa-kkkak0005 usa-kkkak02-052 usa-kkkak02-053
Pamela and Jean with
KKK ghost
The Southern Poverty
Law Center
White Power A home of love
usa-kkkak02-006 usa-kkkak02-007 usa-kkkak02-056 usa-kkkak02-042
Pamela and Jeffery Pamela's and Jeffery's letters The Klan leader's daughter A loving man with hate
usa-kkkak02-055 usa-kkkak02-047 usa-kkkak02-040 usa-kkkak02-044
Klan leader's daughter
in KKK-dress
Klan man changing diapers Wally's deadly tattoo Why Klan man teaches
daughter hate
usa-kkkak02-048 usa-kkkak02-041 usa-kkkak02-043 usa-kkkak02-054
Klan man puts his
daughter to bed
The Klan man's
family tragedy
Klan man reading
for his daughter
Love and hate


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