Jacob Holdt - my friends

Alphonso Makell and Rikke Marrott

With Alphonso Makell - one of my first American friends back from when he and his gangster friends tried to rob me in Baltimore's East ghetto in 1971. From then on our friendship grew and in the 1980's he was one of my most devoted street sellers of my book which I let the homeless sell for me in the major cities. He often came with me to speak in colleges. In Loyola College he made his most emotional speech ever and got 5 minutes standing ovation from the 600 students. In 1990 he appeared in a Danish Tv-movie. You can see him here.  After that I lost touch with for 10 years - even his children thought he had died from aids. But after an intense search with Rikke through the worst areas of the ghetto I found him on my birthday - the best birthday gift I ever had. Alphonso's homepage is still in the making.


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