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Pamela Berry and Rikke Marrott

Rikke had read in my yearly Christmas letter that I - so far - had found no hate in the individual people I had made friends with in the Ku Klux Klan - at least not in their deeper hearts. So she said: "Well, I want to go and see for myself, for I always hated the Klan even though my parents brought me up to be tolerant and try to understand where people are coming from." And so she went with me right into the Lions Cave. And - completely as I had foreseen - she immediately hooked up with the Klan leader's wife. Pamela was not in the mood to get into the hood that day, so I spread a few of the Klan symbols out on the sofa. Otherwise you would think that Pamela is just any other goodhearted white woman - which is actually what she is!


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