The beautiful people of Namibia's slums


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White colonial bagage Early morning bathroom visit Student putting her night cream on Sad unemployed man in tin shack
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Ovambo woman in the sunset Mother with young baby Man with sleeping woman Black girl in a white world
Namibia-009 Namibia-010 Namibia-011 Namibia-012
Salmi's suspicious sister Motherly love in the glow of the oil lamp Oil lamp in Windhoek Man in Oshakati
Namibia-013 Namibia-014 Namibia-015 Namibia-016
Natural beauty in African slums Survivors of Kwanzu Zul.....and "American Pictures" Girl in Oshakati Girl with her sister
Namibia-017 Namibia-018 Namibia-019 Namibia-020
Woman behind blue door Ruby's sick grandmother Grandmothers - Namibia's real mothers Pink lady in Oshakati
Namibia-021 Namibia-022 Namibia-023 Namibia-024
Blue boy with toy My Aids infected hostess in Katutura Sunset in Ovamboland Woman in front of blue screen

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