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With prince Joachim during a stop in the mountains

When I surfed on the Internet to find material on prince Joachim after our Bolivia trip I found hardly anything. Can't be true, I thought, all kinds of famous people have fan pages on the Internet. So Joachim must have one too! Since I have not exactly been known to cultivate royalty in my life up till now I guess I would be the right one to make a "fan page" for Joachim without loosing too much face. So here are some of my photos of the person Joachim I became fond of.

Joachim with the children of the campesinos

When we became trapped in a jungle village in tropical flood and couldn't make our planned visits in remote Indian villages, Joachim got the idea to act as a substitute teacher in the local school. If the children could memorize the most important things about the kingdom of Denmark before next morning, CARE would help improve conditions in their school, he promised.

Prince Joachim teaching in Monteagudo

Afterwards he was asked to dance by the children. Everywhere in Bolivia the women spontaneously asked him to dance, but it seemed to me that he preferred toothless old women and school children for young sex bombs. After all, you never know what the glamour press at home might use the pictures for....

Joachim dancing with school girl in Monteagudo

In the peasant homes the women for days had gone all out to cook for the prince. Their gratitude over Joachim's visit and his deep concern for their condition was unmistakable and frequently especially the women had a hard time keeping their hands off the mystical  "principe" from the cold North.

Peasant woman in Padilla affectionately greets Joachim

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