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Joachim with Indian barefoot doctor

Prince Joachim - eye catcher in the new Bolivia show "Children of the Incas"

Judging from the content in our weekly glamour magazines in Denmark most people are not especially interested in peasants. The new Bolivia show is accounting for that. With a magical "peasant price" at our side the viewer is invited to kiss the frog, who is transformed in front of our eyes into an explosion of colors, beauty and music.
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If you belong to those who take prince Joachim's work for CARE serious, you ought to go to  content of the Bolivia show

If you instead are among those who use royalty as  entertainment and escape from reality, go to my fan page for prince Joachim  

On this page we will just see him enjoy the fruits of the peasant's long co-operation with CARE.

Prince Joachim is bestoved with gifts

Prince Joachim's visit to Bolivia was for these campesinos the climax of several years of work, and everywhere their joy was a moving testimony to those of CARE's results, which are not always visible to the naked eye..... such as for instance the buried pipe lines for clean water which stretched as endlessly as the speeches of thanks a prince naturally has to listen to.

It would probably go most of us to the head everywhere to be sprinkled with flowers and loaded down with gifts.... not least with the products from the new vegetable gardens which CARE has advised the peasants in establishing ..... whatever a prince traveling around the world shall put up with such cabbage heads...

For a prince used to modern equipment on his Danish estate Schackenborg suddenly to go back to traditional farming is not so easy.....with the result that the cows tried to escape out over a mountain ridge.

Joachim behind the plow

Then he had a little more luck digging potatoes for the peasants in the highland whom CARE had helped with farm credits....... .....and could afterwards enjoy the cooling shadows of the tall forests I had previously seen the CARE peasants plant to prevent soil erosion..

Joachim digging potatoes


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Indian woman with Joachim

The peasants could only see up to the prince


Everywhere Joachim is sprinkled with flowers



What shall a traveling prince do with their cabbage?


CARE's new forrests in the previously eroded landscapes