Booking the show 

Urgent new information on booking!

You can book my shows and workshops in the USA and Canada through myself:

Jacob Holdt
Gernersgade 63,
1319 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 20324412

  Booking American Pictures can give audiences up to 2000 people. Jacob Holdt and Tony Harris on stage.

Lecturing periods

I usually tour American campuses with my show during Black History Month - February to March - and again in late October and all of November. 

However, with my new digital version of the show I can today fly out worldwide for one-day events outside these periods. For example for national or international conventions in sociology, psychology, racism etc. 


The multimedia show American Pictures is my main product, but I also do independent workshops on racism.
As part of my anti-racism work I am also speaking about my work with
two of the largest Ku Klux Klan groups in my illustrated lecture: "Can we love the Ku Klux Klan?"
However, my most popular lecture today is on my own life "On saying yes to integrate with those we shun" illustrated with pictures from my anti-racism work in many continents, in the most violent slums in Africa and Haiti, with the KKK and mass murderers in America, Nazis and Muslims in Europe and how easy it is to "integrate" with them through non-violent communication.

With dirt eating children in Mississippi

Suggestions for organizers 

Before actually organizing the event there are many practical things to consider. Based on his experience in thousands of schools in the USA and Europe, I have written some suggestions to organizers of my show American Pictures which I advise you to look at or download before the event.
Here you can download the file for a poster which has been used successfully on hundreds of campuses to help advertise the show. It is made for Legal size paper with lots of white space below to write the date and the place of the event on.

Find other portraits and posters for publicity here



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Suggestions for organizers   

My new lecture "On saying yes to those we shun"

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