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Gatherings in joy and sorrow

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Marie Tetzlaff's 50 year
Sherin Khankan's wedding Ivar Hansen's funeral
(chairman of parliament)
Kristine's confirmation
Mona.Mathias.10 Tudvad_008
Christina's housewarming
in Soglio, Switserland
(Christina is my room mate
in New York)
Danish-pakistani wedding

Lisse Nielsen's 50 year day
(Lisse Nielsen is my wife's
childhood friend)
Peter Tudvad's 40 year day
Nathalie's wedding
Jens Chr. and Grethes
120 year day
(Jens Chr. is
my old highschool friend)
Kamrans and Haris birthday
(children of Shabana Amanat
- my friend from Crit. Muslims)
Jens Holm's 25th anniversary
(Jens was my playmate
from I was 3 years old)
Benefit party for the victims
of the earthquake in Pakistan
My father's funeral
Ku Klux Klan's goodby party
for North Carolina's Grand
Dragon, Robert Moore
Birger and Groas departure
as leaders in
Viby Efterskole
kakidunya-025 40aar-25 Ozlem-Devrim-044 Asly_052
Aisha Dunyas birthday 40-year student anniversary Özlem Cekic and Devrim Ülgüs
(Danish-Kurdish) wedding
Aslys (Danish-Turkish)
NJ-bryllup_070 wedding-082 Sherins.bogfest-009 Marius-60aar-082
My brother, Niels Jørgen's
wedding with Maj-Britt
Danish-kurdish friends'
Sherin Khankan's
book publishing party
Marius Ibsen's 60 year
ghettogether-295 birthdayparty-055 afterparties-049
Roya Hoffmeyer's 50 year
Opening party of "The ghetto
 in our hearts" in Copenhagen
My 60 year birthday party
for old and new friends
The parties in the days after
in our home in Gernersgade
Eva-50aar-010 Rune-40-aar-50 Asta-80aar-140 Ozlem.Cedik.2007-068
Eva Rostrup Bøyesen's
50 year birthday
Rune Engelbreth Larsen's
40 year birthday
My childhood nurse Asta
Østergård's  80 year birthday
Özlem Cekics party for being
first Muslim woman elected
to parliament
Yildiz-Akdogan-2007-122 SBH-60aar-070 Lars-40-aar-32 Annie.Hedvard.70-34
Yildiz Akdogan's celebration
being the second Muslim
woman in parliament
Søren B. Henriksen's 60 year
day and departure from 
Dansk Erhverv
Lars Roman Engels 40 year
birthday in  Cafe Teatret
Annie Hedvard's 70 year
birthday in Christiania
Bente-60aar-040 60aarsdag-181 rigmor-50-018
Bente Juhlin's 60 year
My brother Niels Jørgen Holdt's
60 year birthday
Hans Henrik Voetman's and
Christina Krølls 25th anniversay
Rigmor Lisbeth Justesen's
50 year birthday
marie-001 bettina-047 Catias-dag-015 wedding-1228
My niece, Marie Holm's
Bettina Bardram Kaysøe's
50 year birthday party
Catia Hauberg's 40 year
birthday party
Beatrice Minda and
Søren Senns mountain
wedding in Switzerland
Kofod-50aar-008 2682 louisiana-015 louisiana-party-027
Per Kofods 50 year
day as publisher
Niels Tofte's 20 year day
as director of CARE
Opening party for my
exhibition in Louisiana
Vibeke's and Jacob's party
to celebrate the exhibition
096 160aar-087 140 9208
David Miller's 50 year
birthday party
Irias and Fayez Khankan's
160 year party
Selma's and Öscan's
henna party in Aalborg
Selma's and Öscan's
wedding in Copenhagen
1317 1758 wedding-2388 Ramadan-4250
DISPUK's 20th anniversary
party in Crete, Greece
Hans Henrik Voetman's
60 year birthday
Danish-pakistani wedding Özlem Cekic's ramadan
dinner in parliament
0080 julefest-010 Sabroepris-014 bodyshop-75
Yildiz Akdogan's wedding
Özlem Cekic's Christmas party
in parliament
Jørgen Dragsdahl's
Sabroe price
party for employees
530 45aar-059 Adam-107 Farewell-party-060
45 year student anniversary
Adam Karim Ali's 1 year
birthday party
Kaj and Lana's farewell
064 174 hellefilm-096 2011-10-14 20-22-55
Danish-pakistani wedding
(whom I wedded)
Helle Hansen's intro party
in the Danish Film Institute
Sune Skadegaard Thorsen's
50 year birthday
2011-10-15 22-29-46 2011-11-04 17-20-31 2011-11-18 14-33-46 6877
Marianne Wilkin's
60 year birthday
Rune Engelbreths
Biskop Christian Alsteds
50 års festdag
Elizabeth Tomer's
great birthday party
2012-05-29 17-29-06 2012-05-30 15-18-16 2012-06-09_23-13-36 2012-08-30_17-18-52
Pia Tafdrup's 60 year
birthday reception
Gladsaxes farewell reception
for Marius Ibsen
Karina and Thomas'
love fiest
Simona Abdallah's
book publishing party
Allan og Annette Holmgren 2013-06-08_14-30-54 2013-06-22_20-33-17 2013-06-28_12-05-02
Allan Holmgren's
60 year birthday
Birgit Vanghaug's
70 year birthday
Marianne Levinsen's
50 year day
Marie Holm's
2013-06-29_15-17-32 2013-08-17_16-40-31 2014-08-19_23-10-01 2014-09-28_20-56-42
Hanne von Wowern's
viking silver anniversary
William og Camilla Holst's
Henriette Heegaard's
60 year birthday
Mandana's and Kerim's wedding
2014-10-25_17-19-54 2015-06-06_19-05-21 2015-05-22_14-42-37 2015-05-19_19-35-09
Petter Gilsvik's 60
years birthday
Elizabeth Tromer's
Jørgen Dragsdahl's
supreme court dinner
2016-07-16_21-15-58 2016-08-21_15-59-19 2016-11-11_20-15-04 2016-11-25_13-45-41
Khurram's 40 years
Susanne Walsh'
75 year birthday
Bente Klarlund Pedersens
60 årsdag
Kitte Fennestad's
2017-01-21_18-47-26 2017-05-02_16-14-21 2017-08-22_17-05-22 2017-11-18_21-07-25
Garba Diallo's
60 years birthday
Emilia van Hauen's
book publishing
Özlem Cekic's
book publishing party
Fatima Osborne's
birthday party
Asta Østergård's
90 year birthday

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