Dear Max and Eva

We from Denmark want to thank you and your
parents for a couple of wonderful days in Soglio.
Since you didn't yourself see everything at the
party I am sending you these pictures:

Here Lalou and Vibeke arrive at your beautiful house in Soglio. Your mom is a bit surprised to see us arrive a week early, but the whole valley was full of invitations for "open house", so we couldn't really keep our hands away from the cooking jar.

....well, although Christina seemed quite happy
to see us, she totally forgot to offer us a drink,
as you see here......


...and although she had obviously already had her
whole face in somebody's cake, she was still trying
to snatch away the crumbs from Rya's daughter....



Here she tries to run away with all the fruits from
the other guests. She acts like an African so
that they will not pay attention.


And here she is trying to snatch away all the gifts
from you, Max. You really look very unhappy!


Here she is plotting something else with Rya
....while Rya's Roman husband desperately is
trying to stop her from going along....


Here they have just discovered some other guests
from far away who are flying into your house.....

Fly with me to more of the party it gets wilder into the night


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