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Raymond's and Christina's party in Soglio

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The house such as Christina sees it

Photos from one week of parties and openings for friends and the local community when Raymond's and Christina's new Swiss house was finished.
Unfortunately I had only brought a small Ricoh snapshot camera with me. 
See the story as told to Max and Eva.

Too wild for the Romans
Christina welcomes
Vibeke and Lalou
Waiting for Evelyn Hofer Are you not offering
us a drink, Chris?
Too wild for the Romans

The fruits of her hard work

The fruits of her hard work The hosts and Paul Lange "Eva's hidden face" White, yellow and brown beauty

Mail from Santa Claus

Christina and Rya Christina showing the way Mail from Santa Claus Dancing late into the night

Taking the gifts from Max Raymond in a
boxing match
Dancing "The Firebird"
on the dinner table
Saving Max from
a wild woman

Waltzing with Santa Claus Let's clap our hands, Christina What is that about? Max in safe hands



Gifts from Santa Claus Louis Kahn and Raymond    

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