An outsider looking in
A Danish vagabond's personal journey through the American underclass



Girl looking through screen door in Georgia

  A documentary with 3,000 pictures,  music, interviews and narration presented on two screens for audiences of  up to 2,000

A visually moving and therapeutically healing journey through the deep racist subconsciousness of the spectator. 


One of the most successful campus events ever in America presented more than 1150 times in 300 colleges

20 times in U. C. Berkeley, 17 times in Cornell, 18 in Harvard, 10 in Stanford, 9 in Yale etc. 

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Latest additions to this site!!!

Jacob Holdt's new updated book "Roots of oppression"

Jacob Holdt's book "American Pictures" online

See the slideshow "American Pictures" here live.

Movie about Jacob Holdt and his friends in America 
(many of the people shown in his
Photo Gallery are here seen live)

"Jacob Holdt - An American love story"
Password: jh2017fes10val

Most recent movie about looking back at his life in American colleges.
Made for Danish TV and cinemas in 2016.

KKK cross burning in Alabama

  Used for freshman orientation at: Dartmouth, Cornell, Holy Cross, Boston University a.m.



Important notice!
The first pages under each menu button are the old pages written by people trying to promote the slideshow in American colleges and therefore written in business like tone.
I stopped touring in the US in 2008 - when Obama was elected and I thought things were going the right way, (ha, ha, I guess I was wrong). Since then my web pages have been written written in a more personal tone, "me" and "I" instead of "Jacob Holdt".
Today I mostly write about my museum exhibitions and my new updated book: "Roots of Oppression".

Jacob Holdt


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