"Roots of Oppression" - index to the online presentation

Part One: "History as seen in in the present"
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Chapter 1
Introduction to this presentation
Chapter 2
Our historical roots
in slavery
Chapter 3
Freedom and civil rights, so why so much anger today?
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Chapter 4
Behind the cotton curtain 
Chapter 5
The tobacco fields
Chapter 6
The sweet life in sugar fields
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Chapter 7
The slave camps
Chapter 8
Child labor and millionaires
 Chapter 9
Burned out in Immokalee
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 Chapter 10
Native Americans and
the struggle for ethnic pride
Chapter 11
No more genocide
Chapter 12
Restimulating slavery patterns
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Chapter 13
Shacks or shackles
Chapter 14
Psychic leaps in Washington North Carolina
 Chapter 15
Vagabonding between bankers and sharecroppers
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Chapter 16
Hunger in America
Chapter 17
The human cost of
the wolf philosophy
Chapter 18
Healthcare for profit
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Chapter 19
Apathy and
institutionalized fear
Chapter 20
forbidden love
Chapter 21
Southern Man
and oppression
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Chapter 22
Our trashing of poor whites and their trashing of others
Chapter 23
Fighting hate crimes with hate is the real crime
Chapter 24
In bed with the
Ku Klux Klan
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Chapter 25
Open up mass murderers, but don't let them down
Chapter 26
Love crimes
or paternalistic racism
Chapter 27
Oppression without visible oppressors leads to self blame and destruction
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Chapter 28
Sex, singles
and saving angles
Chapter 29
Beggars and billionaires:
The perception of slavery
Chapter 30
The world right outside Disney World



Part Two: "The ghetto in our minds"
Introduction to Part Two comes later here usa-00588 usa-00155
Chapter 31 Chapter 32
Rats, ghettos
and white flight
Chapter 33
Guns or butter
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Chapter 34
Disposable society
Chapter 35
The scream from those
we dispose of
Chapter 36
Exalting the scream
from the ghetto...of those
who jump to survive it
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Chapter 37
How to give a damn about our fellowman - children and drug victims
Chapter 38
Where children see their siblings in coffins rather than cradles
Chapter 39
Our blaming of the victims
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Chapter 40
Harlem's roses
Chapter 41
Why we oppressors
love such roses
Chapter 42
How white flight cause anger and violence in our outcasts
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Chapter 43
How we build ghettos to make ourselves richer
Chapter 44
Shooting up the white stuff in the shadows of Capitol
Chapter 45
The grey ghetto and the memoirs of Jewish ghettos
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Chapter 46
Welfare mothers in no
state of welfare
Chapter 47
Alphonso's family
Chapter 48
Our violent destruction
of the ghetto family
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Chapter 49
You can get it if
you really want
Chapter 50
Our oppression of
the black woman
Chapter 51
Brother, what a price
I paid!
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Chapter 52
Visiting the super rich
Chapter 53
Our unemployed
"Sad young men"
Chapter 54
Our racism stole the jobs and future of the sad young men
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Chapter 55
How I left the Rockefellers with "not a penny to spend"
Chapter 56
"One nation indivisible"
....but no school integration for MY white kids
Chapter 57
How we oppress ghetto children to become "dumb"
 - also in Europe!
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Chapter 58
Our oppression of the homosexual ghetto
and it's subcultures
Chapter 59
The ghetto subcultures are stereotypes of our own darkest sides
Chapter 60
And to our surprise -our nice little ghetto project is fighting back against us!
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Chapter 61
"Police brutality" - or are we talking about our own violent communication?
Chapter 62
Cop killings, riots, retaliation - but love and humanity after all
Chapter 63
Love among the oppressed - in spite of all
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Chapter 64
Do we have the same God?
Chapter 65
Fortress America

Chapter 66
Our final confinement of
the ghetto
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Chapter 67
Our ultimate oppression -the case of Popeye Jackson
Chapter 68
There is a man
who stands in all our way
Chapter 69
The end?





The personal letters here below, which I wrote during my hitchhiking around America, fits into the presentation in various places if you want to spend a little more time on it. They are very personal in nature and probably not all fit for American school kids - although European elementary schools have no problems with them.


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Book 1
Credits and citations

Thanks to people who helped me as a vagabond and later making this book.
Book 2
A personal foreword
My personal background for coming to America illustrated with pictures of myself in various situations.
Book 3
James 5:1-6
How I first stayed with a murderer in New Orleans, then ended up in "heaven" with a millionaire and finally found my place in poverty.
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Book 4
Defeat in Wounded Knee?
Book 5
Hitchhiking and psychic leaps
Book 6
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Book 7
On saying yes
Book 8
Ideological blinders
Book 9
Christmas in New York
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Book 10
Easter in Detroit
Book 11
Our historical oppression
of black women
Book 12
Luke 7: 36-50
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Book 13
On the Kennedy myth:
John 8: 1-11
Book 14
Among Eloi and Morlocks

Book 15
James' and Barbara's love

usa-02544 jacob-1981-05 Complete text here of
the original book in
printer friendly format
Book 16
Ghetto love
Book 17
A personal afterword