First American interview when we in the American Collective had arrived in 1982 to set up a permanent base and theater for the slideshow, but had not money. Then we got help from a poor feminist writer Camilla Decarnin who made this..... first interview in America

"So outrageous is Holdt's litany that skepticism ensues...... If only he didn't have the photographic proof. If only he didn't sound a bit like Jesus, Kerouac and de Tocqueville melded. American Pictures is either a stunning contrivance or a new Harvest of Shame." 
Interview in Film Comment 

Jacob Holdt - as seen by fellow photographer Rigmor Mydtsskov

"Paradoxically, by chronicling the lives of the poor, Holdt has narrowly avoided becoming rich." 
In this recent interview Holdt talks about his encounters with Rockefeller, the KGB and why he tried to stop the book. 
An unpublished interview by Ronald Netsky 

"I hardly see the injustice anymore," Holdt says. "That's the process of becoming American, that you start accepting these things around you. That's why I have to rely so much on my past experiences because I had clear eyes at that time. Things have only gotten gotten worse since then." 
The Daily Advocate for Williams College 

Dogville” is the first part of a USA trilogy and is inspired from Bertolt Brecht. Did Brecht also inspire the action in Manderlay "?
No, the inspiration came from the Danish photographer and writer Jacob Holdt. At the end of "Dogville" you have already seen some of his photos.
German Magazine TDZ

With assassinated friend, Popeye Jackson


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