Our ancestors in classical Greece

Greece (Athens)

King (or Tyrant) of Heraclea, Clearchus II
King (or Tyrant) of Heraclea, Dionysius
King (or Tyrant) of Heraclea, Oxathres
King (or Tyrant) of Sicyon, Cleistenes
King (or Tyrant) of Sicyon, Isodemos
King (or Tyrant) of Sicyon, Myron II
King (or Tyrant) of Sicyon, Orthagoras
King (tyrant) of Athens, Peisistratus
King (tyrant) of Chersonese, Miltiades II
King (tyrant) of Chesonese, Stesagoras II
King (tyrant) of Greece, Hipparchus
King (tyrant) of Greece, Hippias
King (tyrant) of Syracuse, Agathocles

King of Greece, Cypselus
Prince of Athens, Atthis
of Greece, Agariste I
of Greece, Agariste II
of Greece, Agathokles
of Greece, Alcmaeon II
of Greece, Alexidamos
of Greece, Alkibiades
of Greece, Alkibiades I
of Greece, Alkibiades II
of Greece, Alxion
of Greece, Anaxibia
of Greece, Andokides
of Greece, Andokides II
of Greece, Andokides III
of Greece, Andreas
of Greece, Antiochus of Tagos of Thessaly
of Greece, Ariphron
of Greece, Aristomakhos
of Greece, Aristonymos
of Greece, Aristoteles
of Greece, Aspasia
of Greece, Cimon I
of Greece, Cimon II
of Greece, Cleisthenes
of Greece, Deinomache
of Greece, Dght. II of Epilykos II
of Greece, Dght. II of Teisandros
of Greece, Dght. of Agathokles
of Greece, Dght. of Alkibiades
of Greece, Dght. of Andokides II
of Greece, Dght. of Cimon II
of Greece, Dght. of Epilykos II
of Greece, Dght. of Glaukon
of Greece, Dght. of Teisandros
of Greece, Dght. of Thucydides I
of Greece, Dght.2 of Cimon II
of Greece, Diogenia
of Greece, Echion the Spartid
of Greece, Ekhekratides of Pharsalus
of Greece, Ekhekratides of Tagos of Thessaly
of Greece, Epilykos I
of Greece, Epilykos II
of Greece, Eupalamus
of Greece, Eurydike of Sparta
of Greece, Euryptolemos I
of Greece, Gattin
of Greece, Glaukon I
of Greece, Glaukon II
of Greece, Harpina
of Greece, Hegesypyle II
of Greece, Hipperate
of Greece, Hippocrates
of Greece, Hippokrates
of Greece, Hipponikus I
of Greece, Hipponikus II
of Greece, Hipponikus III
of Greece, Hyllos
of Greece, Isodike
of Greece, Kalias II "Lakkoplutos"
of Greece, Kallias I
of Greece, Kallias III
of Greece, Karkinos of Rhegium
of Greece, Kleinias
of Greece, Kleinias I
of Greece, Kleodaios
of Greece, Koisyra II
of Greece, Koisyra IV
of Greece, Kypselos
of Greece, Leagros I
of Greece, Leagros II
of Greece, Leogoras
of Greece, Leogoras I
of Greece, Leogoras II
of Greece, Leontius ?-454
of Greece, Mantineus
of Greece, Megacles II
of Greece, Megakles I (or Sillus?)
of Greece, Megakles II
of Greece, Megakles III
of Greece, Melesias I Alopekethen
of Greece, Melesias II
of Greece, Menandridos
of Greece, Menekleides de Pharsalos
of Greece, Menon I of Pharsalos
of Greece, Menon II de Pharsalos
of Greece, Menon III de Pharsalos
of Greece, Menon IV of Pharsalus
of Greece, Miltiades III Lakiades
of Greece, Mrs. Stresagoras
of Greece, Myron I
of Greece, Nestor
of Greece, NN of Halimontus
of Greece, NN of Thessaly
of Greece, Oloros Halimousios
of Greece, Orestes of Tagos of Thessaly
of Greece, Pedias of Sparta
of Greece, Peisistratos I
of Greece, Peisistratos II
of Greece, Pericles
of Greece, Pericles the younger
of Greece, Phainippos
of Greece, Phrasimus
of Greece, Phthia
of Greece, Phthia of Pharsalus
of Greece, Praxithea of Athens
of Greece, Son of Menon III de Pharsalos
of Greece, Son of Orestes of Thessaly
of Greece, Son of Orthagoras
of Greece, Stesagoras I
of Greece, Teisandros
of Greece, Thrasymedes
of Greece, Thucydides
of Greece, Thucydides de Pharsalos
of Greece, Thucydides I
of Greece, Thucydides II
of Greece, Xanthippus
of Greece, Zeuxippe of Athens


King of Sparta, Acrotatus
King of Sparta, Agasicles
King of Sparta, Agesilaus I
King of Sparta, Agesilaus II
King of Sparta, Agesipolis I
King of Sparta, Agesipolis II
King of Sparta, Agesipolis III
King of Sparta, Agis I
King of Sparta, Agis II
King of Sparta, Agis III
King of Sparta, Agis IV
King of Sparta, Alcamenes
King of Sparta, Anaxander
King of Sparta, Anaxandridas I
King of Sparta, Anaxandridas II
King of Sparta, Anaxilaus
King of Sparta, Archelaus
King of Sparta, Archidamus I
King of Sparta, Archidamus II
King of Sparta, Archidamus III
King of Sparta, Archidamus IV
King of Sparta, Archidamus V
King of Sparta, Areus I
King of Sparta, Areus II
King of Sparta, Aristodemos
King of Sparta, Ariston
King of Sparta, Charilaus
King of Sparta, Cleombrotus I
King of Sparta, Cleombrotus II
King of Sparta, Cleomenes I
King of Sparta, Cleomenes II
King of Sparta, Cleomenes III
King of Sparta, Demaratus
King of Sparta, Doryssus
King of Sparta, Echestratus
King of Sparta, Eucleidas
King of Sparta, Eudamidas I
King of Sparta, Eudamidas II
King of Sparta, Eudamidas III
King of Sparta, Eunomus
King of Sparta, Eurycrates
King of Sparta, Eurycratidas
King of Sparta, Eurypon
King of Sparta, Eurysthenes
King of Sparta, Hippocratidas
King of Sparta, Leobotas
King of Sparta, Leon
King of Sparta, Leonidas
King of Sparta, Leonidas II
King of Sparta, Leotychidas I
King of Sparta, Leotychidas II
King of Sparta, Nicander
King of Sparta, Pausanias
King of Sparta, Pleistarchus
King of Sparta, Pleistoanax
King of Sparta, Polydectes
King of Sparta, Polydorus
King of Sparta, Procles
King of Sparta, Prytanis
King of Sparta, Teleclus
King of Sparta, Theopompus

Queen of Sparta, Argeia
Queen of Sparta, Cleora
Queen of Sparta, Gorgo
Queen of Sparta, Pausanias

Prince of Sparta, Acrotatus
Prince of Sparta, Agesilaus
Prince of Sparta, Agesipolis
Prince of Sparta, Cleonymus
Prince of Sparta, Cleumbrotus
Prince of Sparta, Dorieus
Prince of Sparta, Menares
Prince of Sparta, Zeuxidamus

Princess of Sparta, Chilonis
Princess of Sparta, Dght of Leon
Princess of Sparta, Dght's dght of Leon
Princess of Sparta, Lampito

of Sparta, Autesion
of Sparta, Demarmenes
of Sparta, Dght of Prinetades
of Sparta, Prinetades


King of Macedonia, Aeropos
King of Macedonia, Aeropos II
King of Macedonia, Alexander II
King of Macedonia, Alexander III the Great
King of Macedonia, Alexander IV
King of Macedonia, Alexander V
King of Macedonia, Alexandros I
King of Macedonia, Alketas
King of Macedonia, Amyntas (The Little)
King of Macedonia, Amyntas I
King of Macedonia, Amyntas II
King of Macedonia, Amyntas III
King of Macedonia, Antigonus I Monophthalmos
King of Macedonia, Antigonus II Gonatas
King of Macedonia, Antigonus III (Doson)
King of Macedonia, Antipater
King of Macedonia, Antipatros I
King of Macedonia, Archelaos
King of Macedonia, Argaios
King of Macedonia, Cassander
King of Macedonia, Demetrius (the Fair)
King of Macedonia, Demetrius I Poliorcetes
King of Macedonia, Demetrius II Aetolicus
King of Macedonia, Orestes
King of Macedonia, Pausanias
King of Macedonia, Perdiccas III
King of Macedonia, Perdikkas
King of Macedonia, Perdikkas
King of Macedonia, Perseus
King of Macedonia, Philip II
King of Macedonia, Philip III Arrhidaios
King of Macedonia, Philip IV
King of Macedonia, Philip V
King of Macedonia, Philippos I
King of Macedonia, Ptolemy of Alorus
King of Macedonia, Tirimmos

Queen of Macedonia, Cynane
Queen of Macedonia, Eurydice
Queen of Macedonia, Olympias
Queen of Macedonia, Simiche

Prince of Macedonia, Aeropos
Prince of Macedonia, Alexander
Prince of Macedonia, Amyntas
Prince of Macedonia, Amyntas IV
Prince of Macedonia, Archelaos
Prince of Macedonia, Argaios
Prince of Macedonia, Arrhidaios
Prince of Macedonia, Arrhidaios
Prince of Macedonia, Balakros
Prince of Macedonia, Gayanes
Prince of Macedonia, Heracles
Prince of Macedonia, Heracles
Prince of Macedonia, Iolsos
Prince of Macedonia, Meleagros
Prince of Macedonia, Menelaos I
Prince of Macedonia, Menelaos II
Prince of Macedonia, Menelaos III
Prince of Macedonia, Pausanias
Princess of Macedonia, Adea-Eurydice
Princess of Macedonia, Apama
Princess of Macedonia, Apama II
Princess of Macedonia, Cleopatra
Princess of Macedonia, Dght of Alexander III
Princess of Macedonia, Dght. II of Archelaus I
Princess of Macedonia, Dght. of Amyntas I
Princess of Macedonia, Dght. of Archelaos
Princess of Macedonia, Dgt. of Philip V
Princess of Macedonia, Eurydice I
Princess of Macedonia, Eurynoe
Princess of Macedonia, Gygaia
Princess of Macedonia, Laodice VI
Princess of Macedonia, Nicaea I
Princess of Macedonia, Phila I
Princess of Macedonia, Stratonike
Princess of Macedonia, Thessalonike

of Macedonia, Anthiochus
of Macedonia, Antigone
of Macedonia, Antigone
of Macedonia, Arsinoe
of Macedonia, Audata
of Macedonia, Berenice
of Macedonia, Berenice
of Macedonia, Cassander
of Macedonia, Cynane
of Macedonia, Eumenes
of Macedonia, Iphikles
of Macedonia, Karanos
of Macedonia, Koinos
of Macedonia, Lagos
of Macedonia, Laodice
of Macedonia, Nearchos
of Macedonia, Olympias
of Macedonia, Phillippus
of Macedonia, Phthia (Chryseis)


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