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The lives of the rich and famous

I am not a press photographer, so I am not usually hanging around well-known people. These are people whom I admire for various reasons or ran into in the line of my work when I had my camera with me. I include them in case some visitors to my home pages feel more tempted to look at the lives of the rich and famous than of the poor and forgotten.

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The Black Panthers Joan Baez 1975-202 Alex Haley Ronald Reagan
 Meeting with Dalai Lama Drinking with James Baldwin  President Thabo Mbeki and Omar Badsha
Dalai Lama James Baldwin Danny Glover President Thabo Mbeki
    Anita Roddick and Jacob Holdt
Angela Davis Toni Morrison Anita Roddick Cesar Chavez
Allan Ginsburg Arthur Jafa Bryan Adams Herbert Marcuse
Jane Fonda Lech Waleza Martin Luther King's
President Nixon
Salman Rusdie Steve McCurran Taj Mahal Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam
Daniel Berigan Jay Rockefeller    


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