and people of importance for the shaping of modern humanism :


Daniel, 1 year old, in Acropolis with meHitchhiking with my son, Daniel, to see Acropolis - built by Pericles - his 2nd cousin 82 times removed . Since then he has on his own hitchhiked all the way from Denmark to China to see the Great Wall which his 79th great-grandfather caused to be built.
Note: None of these relationships carry any genetic significance since we almost all descend from these famous people as I show here.

But as a genealogist it is tremendous fun to see if you can actually find your way back to them through credible historical records and to find actual pictures of our forefathers from 2-3000 years back. Have fun! With love Jacob Holdt




Relationship with Daniel and Lalou

Abgar Oukhama, corresponded with Jesus

25 BC

59th great-grandfather

Alexander the Great, saved Christianity 323 years before Christ!

356 BC

72nd great-grandfather

Ali ben Abu Talib, founder of Shiite Islam


45th great-grandfather

Alkibiades, friend and pupil of Socrates and Plato

450 BC

3rd cousin 82 times removed

Amenemhat I, oldest pharaoh and family member we have a picture of

2000 BC

130th great-grandfather

Antonius Felix, whom St. Paul preached to for two years


Husband of 3rd cousin 62 times removed

Anthiochus IV, the reason the Jews celebrate Chanukah

215 BC

67th great-grandfather

Ashoka, most amazing king ever... pacifist, feminist etc !!

250 BC

68th great-grandfather

Cleisthenes, invented world's first democracy

565 BC

83rd great-granduncle

Cymbeline, immortalized by Shakespeare

20 BC

62nd great-grandfather

Cyrus the Great, freed the Jews in Babylon, rebuilt the temple

582 BC

81st great-grandfather

Deuman, caused China to build the Great Wall

245 BC

79th great-grandfather

Esther, vividly described in  Esther's Book in the Old Testament

480 BC

78th great-grandmother

Flavius Josephus, important Jewish-Roman historian


3rd cousin 66 times removed

Gregor the Illuminator, brought Christianity to Armenia


51st great-grandfather

Gregory of Tours, important Frank historian


2nd cousin 40 times removed

Herod I Agrippa, beheaded St. James, imprisoned St. Peter


2nd cousin 63 times removed

Herod II Agrippa, saved Christianity by not killing St. Paul


3rd cousin 62 times removed

Herod Antipas, spoke to Jesus, then made Pilate kill him

4 BC

63rd great-granduncle

Herodias + Salome, brought John the Baptist's head on a platter


2nd cousin 61 times removed

Isaiah, most remarkable prophet and greatest writer in the Bible

790 BC

1st cousin 89 times removed

Jeremiah, father of Judaism, teaching Hebrews to become Jews

620 BC

87th great-granduncle

Jesus Christ, a bit trite, yes, but why not use the genealogy in Luke?

5 BC

8th cousin 67 times removed

Judas Maccabaeus, liberated the temple, reason for Chanukah feast

190 BC

69th great-granduncle

Julius Agrippa, beheaded St. James and imprisoned St. Peter


2nd cousin 63 times removed

Julius Caesar, greatest statesman, made our Julian calendar

101 BC

66th great-granduncle

King Arthur, the (legendary) king of the round table


6th cousin 49 times removed

Macbeth, immortalized by Shakespeare


32nd great-granduncle

Karl Martel, stopped the spread of Islam in Europe by the sword


34rth great-grandfather

Miltiades, gave name to marathon running

554 BC

89th great-grandfather

Moses, formidable lawmaker and father of 3 major religions

1200 BC

108th great-granduncle

Muhammad, the founder of Islam


43rd great-grandfather

Nebuchadnezzar II, saved the Jews from themselves.... 
....and founded Judaism, believe it or not !

620 BC

80th great-grandfather

Nero, killed St. Peter, St. Paul and our 62nd great-grandmother


61st great-granduncle

Pericles, greatest Athenian statesman 

495 BC

2nd cousin 83 times removed

Pope of Rome, Gregor V, mutilated anti-pope John


28th great-granduncle

Pope of Rome, Stephen X, a pope for great-grandfather!


32nd great-grandfather

34 other popes and saints, canonized in our family


Ptolomy I Soter, founded the world's greatest library

336 BC

72nd great-grandfather

Pyrrhus, won himself a "pyrrhic victory" in Western languages

318 BC

73rd great-grandfather

Tiglath-pileser III, conquered Babylon

745 BC

85th great-grandfather

Thucydides, Greek historian of Pelopponesian war

450 BC

1st cousin 80 times removed

Sanatruk, killed one of Jesus' disciples

15 AD

1st cousin 60 times removed

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