Oppressors of the world, united!
When you study the violent lives of all these sorry rulers, you realize how we are all deeply related - in blood! Not only in the blood of the poor people in countless armies they sent against each other during most of our 4,100 years of recorded family history, but even more through the blood lines of their own unwilling daughters whom they constantly swapped with each other. While all our millions of ancestors in their armies were tossed nameless in unknown graves, these forced marriages of our xx-great-grandmothers are the reason we genealogists know so many of our ancestors 150 generations back. Even though one dynasty  after another was overtrown and a family line seemingly disappeared into the sand, most of the women survived and - as a result of their class - usually married into the ranks of the next rulers. Whether the egyptologists, assyrologists etc. are able to find the actual potsherds to prove or make plausible speculations on the bridges between known dynasties - and many of my bloodlines here are actually based on the incredible recent discoveries in Egyptology - the fact remains that all our former oppressors in the world were firmly united in blood.


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