Our family in the Olympics

Above you see a couple of ways to sort out our ancestors. Feel free to suggest others.
I also plan to make a list of all those of our forefathers who were fighting against each other and thus were shaping our lives today. Example: My brother Niels Jørgen has for 25 years been organizing the Copenhagen Marathon, but would he have had his job today had it not been for the bloody fight once between our 80th and 81st great-grandfather? Try to follow the red trail of blood leading from our two forefathers straight to my brother by clicking on the pool of blood here and see why he would not!

And speaking of sports, why not make a list of all the people in my family who won Gold medals in the Olympics? Here are at least 3 I have found so far:

528 BC (Winner of Olympics)
------ Cimon I of Greece
Ruled 600-569, won chariot race at Olympic games
------ Cleistenes King (or Tyrant) of Sicyon
648-608 BC, winner in Olympics in 648
------ Myron I of Greece


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