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From here you can look up our 10,463 ancestors by:

First names:

These should give no special problems except with various forms of spelling.
In Danish and Norwegian names I use the letters Æ, Ø and Å.
In Swedish names (even from Danish times) I use the letters Ä and Ö.

Last names:

Note: Unlike the Mormons I do not index kings, counts etc. after location in the last name field, but under title. The following titles are being used: King (of location)QueenPrincePrincessEmperorEmpressCzarGrand DukeDukeDuchessCountEarlBishopPopePrimate, High priest ofPriest ofExilarch ofChief of. Margraves and viscounts are listed under Counts. Greek tyrants, Egyptian pharaohs and Bulgarian Khans are grouped under Kings. All others outside Scandinavia bef. 1200 AD are listed under of (location) such as Romans e.g. (Gaius) Julius Caesar / of Rome.  Muhammad's descendants under of Islam. Dates before 100 AD are put in location boxes (often only the known years of reign). Scandinavian nobility is listed under their coat-of-arms family name capitalized in the last name field, e.g. Anne / ABILDGAARD. When Danish nobility have til (of ) in their first name field, it is preceding the name of the most important estate they were known to own at the time (aprox. 1100 - 1600). See Locations:

Locations :

The location list is far from complete and covers only the last 2000 years - mostly in Scandinavia.


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