Wacho King of the Longobards
Wahet High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Waifar Duke of Aquitaine ?-768
Waimar (Guaimar) IV Prince of Salerno ?-1027
Waimar (Guaimar) V Prince of Salerno 1010-1052
Walahon Count of Worms
Walburgis Countess of Pommern 1130-1172
Waldemar Ericsson 1320-?
Waldemar of Sweden 1275-1397
Walderada Princess of the Longobards 530-?
Waldrada ?-868
Waldrada of Burgundy
Waldrada Queen (concubine) of Loraine ?-868
Walia King of Visigoths
Walram I Count of Arlon ?-1052
Walram II Count of Limburg 998-1070
Walram III Paganus Duke of Lower Lorraine 1085-1139
Walter King of the Franks 289-306
Walthe Earl of Huntingdon 1030-1076
Wambert (Ferreolus) Duke of Moselle 489-528
Warin of Altorf
Warinus of Domfront Belleme 993-?
Warnechin (Werner) Duke of Saxony
Warnerius of Sens
Warnier of Burgundy
Wartislaw I Duke of Pommern 1124-1153
Wartislaw IV Duke of Pommern (Hinterpommern) 1290-1326
Webensenu Prince of Egypt
Wecta of Kent
Wehha King of East Anglia (myth)
Welf I Count of Argengau ?-876
Welf I Duke of Bavaria 787-830
Welf II Count of Swabia ?-1030
Welf IV Duke of Bavaria 1035-1101
Wendilgard of Saxony
Wendt Vrese FRIIS 1410-?
Wenzel I King of Bohemia ?-1253
Wer-hetep Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Weriand Count of Istrien and Friaul
Wer-mer High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Wermund King of Britain (Angel)
Werner Count of Rothenburg
Werner Count of Worms and Speyergau
Werra Adelaide of Burgundy 915-?
Wiadrut of Toulouse
Wiay Queen of Egypt
Wibeke Marie von PULTZ 1729-1811
Wicibert (Wigebart) Duke of Saxony ?-843
Wig King of Britain (Wessex myth) 355-?
Wigeric (Richwin) Count of Palatine Luxembourg 886-919
Wigilinda Princess of the Longobards
Wiglaf King of Mercia ?-839
Wigmund King of Mercia ?-840
Wihtgils of Kent
Wihtlaeg King of Britain (Angel)
Wihtred King of Kent 670-?
Wildrut of Niederlahngau
Wilfred Count of Barcelona
Wilfred I Count of Urgel
Wilhelm Adolph Worsøe 1776-1830
Wilhelm I Count of Weimar 949-?
Wilhelm II the Great Duke of Thüringen 965-1003
Wilhelm III Count of Weimar ?-1039
Wilhelm IV Count of Weimar ?-1062
Wilhelm King of East Anglia (myth)
Wilhelm Marstrand 1810-1873
Wilhelm the fat Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg 1184-1213
Willa Bertila Princess of Burgundy 924-?
Willa Countess of Chiemgau ?-980
Willa Princess of Burgundy
Willa Princess of Burgundy 906-?
Willads Vollesen
William BEZIERES 953-?
William Count of Perigord 837-920
William de Bastinbourg Count of Hainault ?-1001
William Holdt
William I "Long Sword" Duke of Normandy 893-?
William I "The Conqueror" King of England 1028-1087
William I "the Pious" Duke of Aquitaine
William I Count of Fezensac ?-961
William I Count of Ponthieu ?-965
William I Earl of Surrey de Warenna 1051-1088
William I Marquis & Count of Provence 950-993
William II Count of Provence 983-1018
William II Earl of Surrey de Warenna 1072-1138
William III De Poiters Duke of Aquitaine 929-?
William III Tailefer Count of Toulouse 947-1037
William IV De Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine 949-?
William IV De Rouergue Count of Toulouse ?-1094
William IX De Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine 1071-1127
William of Gometz
William V De Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine 969-1030
William VIII De Poitiers Duke of Aquitaine 1014-1086
William X of Aquitaine Duke of Aquitaine 1099-1137
Willibirg of Sieghardinger ?-1056
Willigarde of Baviere
Williswint ? Countess of Haspengau
Willum Forbus
Willum Worm 1563-1629
Wiprand Count of Como ?-999
Wisigarda Princess of the Longobards
Witica King of Galicia
Witichin Count of Soissons
Witta of Kent
Wittekind von Uslar
Wittikind (Widukind) I Duke of Saxony
Wittikind I (Widekind) Count of Schwalenberg ?-1136
Witzlaw II Prince of Rügen 1240-1302
Wivike Hellene Bjørnsdatter
Wizlaw I Prince of Rügen 1180-1250
Wladislav II Duke of Cracow and Silisia 1105-1159
Wladislaw I Duke of Bohemia 1073-1125
Wladislaw I Herman Duke of Poland 1043-1102
Wladislaw II King of Bohemia ?-1174
Woizlawa Duchess of Obotriten ?-1172
Wojslawic Countess of Pommern
Wolborg Jensdatter Meyer ?-1747
Wolf GODOV 1310-?
Wolf til Gammelgaard STURE 1467-1551
Wolff Caspar von Lüttichau ?-1627
Wolff Caspar von Lüttichau 1605-1680
Wolffgang til Kmelen von Lüttichau 1498-1568
Wolle Wollesen
Wolpert Count of Ringleheim and Oldenburg 800-?
Wooden (Odin) of Nordic Mythology 215-?
Wulf til Clausdorf BREIDE 1444-1470
Wulfgang KAAS 1724-1778
Wulfgrin I Taillifer Count of Angouleme
Wulfhild of Saxony 1075-1126
Wulfnoth Thegn of Sussex 960-1015
Wulfthryth Queen of Wessex

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