Caen, Calvados, France
------ Matilda (Maud) Queen of England
Cailar, Gard, France
------ Rose of Cailor
Cailor, Gard, France
------ Raines (Rainon) Count of Cailor
Caithness, Scotland
------ Grelod (Gerlaf) (Grelauga) Duncansdatter
------ Duncan (Dungad) Earl of Caithness
Cambray, France
------ Clodius "the long haired" King of the Franks
Camischio, Ivrea, Savoy
------ Adelaide of Montferrat
Campaigned in Elam c646 BC
------ Mushezib-Marduk of Babylon
------ Adalbert-Otto II Count of Modena and Canossa
------ Wihtred King of Kent
------ Eorcenbert King of Kent
------ Eadbald King of Kent
------ Ethelbert King of Kent
Cap Colonne
------ Dedi of Harzgau
------ Heraclius I Emperor of Byzantium
Captain of the Tropps
------ Thutmose High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Captive in Elam c. 650-646 BC
------ Bel-shunu of Babylon
Captured by Sennacherib 691 BC
------ Nabu-shum-ishkun Prince of Babylon
Carbonierres, Savoy, France
------ Thomas I Count of Savoy
Carcassone, Aude, France
------ Ermesende of Carcassone
Carcassonne, Aude, France
------ Estefania of Foix
------ Roger I Count of Carcassone
------ Arsinde of Carcassonne
------ Acfredo II Count of Carcassonne
------ Oliva II Count of Carcassonne
------ Oliva I Count of Carcassonne
------ Bello Count of Carcassonne
------ Ermentrude Of Carcassonne
------ Gregory V (Bruno of Carinthia) POPE OF ROME
Carlat, Cantal, France
------ Adela of Carlat
------ Gilbert II Count of Carlat
Carthage, Tunesia
------ Heraclianus of Carthago
------ Epiphania of Carthago
------ Niketas Exarch of Carthage
------ Gregorius of Carthage
Casseneuil, Lot-Et-Garonne, France
------ Louis I the Pious Emperor of Holy Roman Empire
Castille, Spain
------ Muniadona Sanchez of Castille
Castle Acre,Norfolk, England
------ Gundreda Lady of Chester
Catedral De Toledo, Toledo, Castile
------ Alfonso VII King of Castile and Leon
Cathedral, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
------ John "Lackland" King of England
Cauca, Gallaecia
------ THEODOSIUS I the Great Flavius Emperor of the East
Ceded all except Wessex to Cnut the Great
------ Edmund II "Ironside" King of England
------ Caroline Mathilde Princess of England
Censor 89, Consul 90 BC
------ Lucius Julius Caesar III of Rome
Cephalonia, Italy. Leader of the first crusade. Captured Antioch 1098.
------ Robert Guiscard Duke of Apulia and Calabria
Chalons, Seine-Et-Loire, France
------ Maud (Mathilda) of Chalons
Cham, Oberpfalz, Bavaria
------ Ita Countess of Cham
------ Ratpoto IV Count of Cham
Chambbery, Savoie, France
------ Beatrice of Savoie
------ Otto I Count of Savoy and Maurienne
Champagne, France
------ Thibault V Count of Champagne
------ Henri I Count of Champagne
Charioteer for Heracles
------ Iolaos Prince of Megara
Charlottenlund castle
------ Christian X King of Denmark
Chastellerault, Vienne, France
------ Boso I Count of Chatellerault
Chateau, Eure-et-Loire, France
------ Gervase Sire of Chateau-du-Loire and de Luce
------ Louis VIII "the Lion" King of France
Château-du-Loir, France, ruled from 1129
------ Geoffrey V the Fair Count of Anjou and Maine
------ Julienne of Chateaudun
------ Geoffroy I Count of Mortagne de Chateaudun
------ Rotrou Count of Mortagne Chateaudun
------ Geoffroy II Count of Chateaudun
------ Helvis or Elisabeth of Corbon
------ Pernille of Chateau-Reneaud
Chatellerault, Vienne, France
------ Aimery I Count of Rochefoucauld
------ Eleanor Chatellerault of Rochefoucauld
Chatellerault, Vienne, France. He is viscount
------ Boso II Count of Chastellerault
------ Hugh Count of Chatellerault
------ Amelia of Chatellerault
------ Aldradus of Chatellerault
------ Gersende of Chatellerault
Chateu de Belin, Guinne, France
------ Eleanore of Aquitaine Queen of England
Chcateau De Palencia, Valencia, Almohadi
------ Blanca Alphonsa Princess of Castile
Chernigov, Ukraine
------ Svyatoslavna Princess of Chernigov
------ David Svyatoslavich Prince of Chernigov
------ Feodosiya Princess of Chernigov
------ Killikiya of Dithmarschen
------ Etheler Duke of Dithmarschen
------ William II Earl of Surrey de Warenna
------ Gundreda Lady of Chester
------ Gerbod Earl of Chester of Flandern
Chinon Castle, France, acceded 19 Dec 1154
------ Henry II "Plantagenet" King of England
Chistiania, Norway
------ Henning Stockfleth
Choisy, Haute-Savoi, France
------ Bertrada Duchess of Laon
------ Annechen Mechlenburg
------ Margrethe Schnell
------ Niels JUEL
Christiania (Oslo)
------ Isabella Margrete Mechlenburg
Christiania (Oslo), Norway
------ Christian Stockfleth
Christiania, Norway
------ Christian Schøller I
------ Peter Grüner
------ Annechen Mechlenburg
------ Maren Didriksdatter Bartskær
------ Frederik V King of Denmark
------ Luise Princess of Denmark
------ Christian VII King of Denmark
------ Frederik VI King of Denmark
------ Christian VIII King of Denmark
Chrudim, Czechoslovakia
------ Bretislav I Duke of Bohemia
Church of St.Martin Cem.Chateuneuf, France
------ Robert IV "the strong" Count of Paris
Church of Tithes, Kiev, Ukraine
------ Vladimir I the great Grand Duke of Kiew
Church, Ystad, Malmohus, Sweden
------ Axel Axelsson BRAHE
------ Anne Lavesdatter BROK
------ VALENTIAN I Flavius Emperor of the West
------ Valens Emperor of the East
------ Procopius Emperor of Rome
------ Carl Frederick von CASTONIER
------ Pernille Axelsdatter BROK
------ Axel Lagesen til Clausholm BROK
------ Lage Jensen til Clausholm BROK
------ Robert I of Auvergne
------ Guillaume IV Count of Auvergne
------ Guy I Count of Auvergne
------ Robert II Count of Auvergne
------ Robert I Count of Auvergne
------ Arimannus of Auvergne
------ Bertildis of Auvergne
------ Eldiarde of Auvergne
------ Hucbert of Auvergne
------ Hildegardis of Auvergne
------ Ingelberga of Auvergne
------ Aucelende of Auvergne
------ Umberga of Auvergne
Cloister Of, St Gertrud, Nivelles, France
------ Henry II Count of Lorraine and Louvain
Cloister Of, St. Gertrud, Nivelles, France
------ Lambert III "Baudry" Count of Louvain
Coimbra, Portugal
------ Douce Berengar Queen of Portugal
------ Alphonso I Henriques King of Portugal
------ Mafalda of Savoy
------ Henri I Duke of Brabrant
Comminges, Aude, France
------ Arnould I Count of Comminges and Couserans
------ Asnarius Count of Comminges
------ Louis the Stammerer Emperor of Holy Roman Empire
Compiegne, France
------ Luitgrade of Saxony
Connaugt, Ireland
------ Magnus III Barfod King of Norway
------ Julian Emperor of the East and West
------ THEODOCIUS II Augustus Emperor of the East
------ Anastasia Gregoria Empress of Byzantium
------ Anastasia Empress of Byzantium
------ Flavius of Byzantine Empire
------ Maria Empress of Byzantium
Constantinople, Turkey
------ Constans II Herakleios Emperor of Byzantium
------ Isaakios II Angelos Emperor of Byzantium
------ Alexios I Komnenos Emperor of Byzantium
------ Eirene Dukaina Empress of Byzantium
------ Ioannes Komnenos of Byzantine Empire
------ Manuel Komnenos "Erotikos" of Byzantine Empire
------ Anna Dalassene Empress of Byzantium
------ Andronikos Dukas Emperor of Byzantium
------ Ioannes Dukas Emperor of Byzantium
------ Andronikos Dukas of Byzantine Empire
------ Theodora Komnene Princess of Byzantium
------ Theodora Angelina Princess of Byzantium
------ Maria Princess of Germany
------ Ioannis ANGELOS Of Byzantium
------ Ioannis II Komnenos Emperor of Byzantium
------ Irini Princess of Byzantium
------ Isaak Komnenos of Byzantium
Consul 14 BC
------ Marcus Crassus Frugi I of Rome
Consul 157 BC
------ Sextus Julius Caesar II of Rome
Consul 198
------ Quintus Anicus Faustus of Rome
Consul 238-209 BC
------ Quintus Flaccus of Rome
Consul 264 BC
------ Marcus Flaccus of Rome
Consul 267 BC
------ Lucius Libo of Rome
Consul 30 BC
------ Marcus Crassus III of Rome
Consul 314, praefectus praetorio orientis
------ Petronius Annianiua of Rome
Consul 322 BC
------ Lucius Fulvius Curvus of Rome
Consul 322, prefect of Rome 328-331
------ Petronius Probianus of Rome
Consul 334, prefect of Rome 326-9
------ Amnius Anicius Julianus of Rome
Consul 334, prefect of Rome 334-5
------ Amnius Manius Caesenius N. A. Paulinus of Rome
Consul 34 BC
------ Lucius Scribonius Libo II of Rome
------ Lucius Scribonius Libo III of Rome
Consul 341, prefect of the city 345-346
------ Petronius Probinus of Rome
Consul 371, praetorian prefect four times, d. aged 60
------ Sextus Claudius Petronius Probus of Rome
Consul 379, praefectus praetorio orientis 378
------ Q. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius of Rome
Consul 395, decd. 410
------ Anicius Hermogenianus Olybrius of Rome
Consul 395, proconsul of Africa 396-7
------ Anicius Probinus of Rome
Consul 400
------ Stilicho of the Vandals
Consul 408
------ Anicius Auchenius of Rome
Consul 460
------ Magnus of Rome
Consul 469
------ Marcian Prince of the West
Consul 491
------ Flavius Anicius Olybrius of Rome
Consul 506
------ F. Areobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus of Rome
Consul 70 and 55 BC
------ Marcus Crassus I of Rome
Consul 788
------ Philaretos of Paphlagonia
Consul ABT 732
------ Hrahat of the Mamikonians
Consul AD 27, Executed in 47 AD
------ M. Licinius Crassus Frugi of Rome
Consul of Africa
------ Eutharic of the Ostrogoths
Consul suffecti 305 BC
------ Marcus Curvus of Rome
Conteville, France
------ Emma of Conteville
Converted to Islam 908, domistikos 904
------ Andronikos DUX of Byzantine Empire
------ Isabella Lucie Rostrup Holdt
------ Carl Frederik Vilhelm Jensen
------ Carl Lauritz Jensen
------ Johanne Marie Giessing
------ Åse Grethe Rigmor Hansen
------ Falk Daniel Chr. von CASTONIER
------ Maren Fibiger
------ Carl Frederick von CASTONIER
------ Charlotte Cornelia Eleonora von Suckow
------ Henriette Laurine Fridericke Hollensted
------ Marie Mathilde Brøndum
------ Hans Hartvig Seedorff
------ Lars Jensen Hollensted
------ Erik Holst Andersen
------ Mette Holst Andersen
------ Elisabeth Holst Michelsen
------ Hans Christian Holst Michelsen
------ Kaspar Holst Hansen
------ Ulrik Holst Hansen
------ Mia Holst Hansen
------ Kristian Holst Wiese
------ Marianne Wiese
------ Lars Rostrup Bøyesen
------ Ole Holdt
------ Jeppe Holdt
------ Sigrid Wolf
------ Maren Wærum
------ Isach Hambro
------ Knud Schøller
------ Mette Margrethe Poulsen
------ Christian I King of Denmark
------ Frederik IV King of Denmark
------ Christian VI King of Denmark
------ Frederik VIII King of Denmark
------ Frederik IX King of Denmark
------ Frederik Prince of Denmark
------ Joachim Prince of Denmark
------ Erik Nipertz
------ Ebba Eriksdatter KRUMMEDIGE
------ Lars Ken Holst Andersen
------ Ebba Ovidia Grüner
------ Margareta Eriksdatter KRUMMEDIGE
------ Herman Frederik Peter Emil Hummel
------ Danietta CASTONIER
------ Margrethe Ahlette Grüner
------ Ellen Ørum-Jensen
------ "Preben" Falck Daniel CASTONIER
------ Eigil CASTONIER
------ Sophie Amalie VIND
------ Knud Holst Andersen
------ Niels Giessing Wolf
------ Niels Jørgen Holdt
------ Jacob Holdt
------ Falck Daniel de CACHEDENIER
------ Niels Høeg til Eskjær BANNER
------ Kamilla Holm Bøyesen
------ Anna Magdalene Holdt
------ Charlotte Amalie of Hessen-Kassel
------ Holger til Harrestedgaard VIND
------ Ove til Tommerup GIEDDE
------ Elisabeth til Broholm og Mullerup SKEEL
------ Sophie Amalie VIND
------ Otto til Katholm SKEEL
------ Sophie Steensdatter BRAHE
------ Ove Holgersen VIND
------ Frederik Grüner
------ Regitze Sophie VIND
------ Frederik til Tygestrup REEDTZ
------ Mogens til Restrup og Iversnæs GYLDENSTIERNE
------ Jacob Daniel Rostrup Holdt
------ Knud til Aarsmarke URNE
------ Margrethe Eilersdatter til Alslev GRUBBE
------ Vibeke Rostrup Bøyesen
------ Sophie SEHESTED
------ Erik til Bramminge og Endrupholm KRAG
------ Holger Gregersen til Skabersø ULFSTAND
------ Lisbeth Jørgensdatter LUNGE DYRE
------ Eiler til Lystrup GRUBBE
------ Petra Ottilia Smith
------ Nicolai Jacob Marstrand
------ Dorte Madsdatter BØLLE
------ Theodor Kristian Marstrand
------ Jacob Nikolaj Marstrand
------ Marie Elisabeth Neergaard
------ Even Nikolaj Marstrand
------ Inger Marie "Myg" Marstrand
------ Peder til Svanholm BILLE
------ Esge til Svanholm BILLE
------ Albert Thura
------ Peter Rostrup Bøyesen
------ Johanne Louise Bruun
------ Niels William Scharff
------ Morten Scharff
------ Bente Meyer
------ Mikkel Scharff
------ Maren Didriksdatter Bartskær
------ Diderik Johansen Bartskær
------ Magdalene "Lene" Rhode
------ Johan Bartskær
------ Margrethe Jensdatter
------ Johanne Diderikke Rønne
------ Johanne Georgine Fog
------ Frederik Henrich Stuckenberg
Copenhagen (Holmens)
------ Laurine Fridericha Tengelina Dreyer
Copenhagen castle
------ Frederik III King of Denmark
------ Christian V King of Denmark
------ Frederik V King of Denmark
------ Anne Cathrine of Brandenburg
Copenhagen, Denmark
------ Anne Nielsdatter til Rydhave LYKKE
------ NN FOSS
Copenhagen, Jyske Garnison
------ Falk Daniel Chr. von CASTONIER
Copenhagen, Tagensbo sogn
------ Inger Jønch Clausen
Copenhagens Garnisonskirke
------ Daniel Storm von CASTONIER
Corbeil, Marne, France
------ Melisende of Montlhery
Corbeil, S-O, France
------ Frederic of Don Jon
Corinth, Greece
------ Litowinda Queen of Italy
------ Bernhard II Duke of Saxony
Cosenza in the Balkans, ruled 410- Aug 415
------ Alaric I King of Visigoths
Cottbus, Germany
------ Anna Maria von Minckwitz
------ Thomas de la Fere Count of Amiens Coucy
------ Adele of Roucy
------ Yolande of Coucy
------ Raoul I of Marle de la Fere Coucy
------ Enguerrand II of Marle de la Fere Coucy
------ Agnes of Boisgency
Counseler in Ribe 1544-1553
------ Hans Andersen
Count in Bidgau in the Methingau; Marquis of Antwerp and Eenam.
------ Godefroy the Old Count of Verdun and Ardennes
Count in Ortenau 915-982
------ Conrad I Duke of Elsass
Count in the Lommagau and Maifeld.
------ Berenger 1st Count of Namur
Count in Wetterau, Margrave of Schweinfurt.
------ Herbert I Count of Gleiberg
Count in Wittenburg 1274
------ Nicholas Count of Schwerin (Wittenburg)
Count of Altdorf
------ Welf I Duke of Bavaria
Count of Aosta, Chablis.
------ Umberto I Count of Maurienne, Marquis of Italy
Count of Argengau and Linzgau
------ Conrad I Count of Auxerre
Count of Arles, Margrave of Tuscany
------ Boso King of Burgundy
Count of Autun , Duke of Burgundy 876
------ Theodoric I Duke of Burgundy
Count of Bavarian Nordgau 980-1017
------ Henry I Margrave Count of Schweinfurt
Count of Blois 1037, of Chanpagne 1048
------ Thibaut III Count of Blois and Troyes
Count of Cornwall, 1066 Duke of Bretagne
------ Hoel II (V) de Cornouille Duke of Bretagne
Count of Galicien
------ Raimond Count of Burgundy
Count of Genoa and Tortone.
------ Obert II Count or Marquis of Italy
Count of Holland
------ Robert I le Frison Count of Flanders
Count of Holstein 1340-9.11.1384/17.4.1390
------ Heinrich II. Duke of Holstein
Count of Lorraine 1047-48
------ Adalbert Duke of Upper Lorraine
Count of Mecklenburg ( ?.1.1167-30.12.1178)
------ Pribislaw II Prince of Obodriten
Count of Ortenburg ?-1055/65
------ Siegfried Count of Ungarnmark
Count of Poiters 880, wrote "King of Aquitaine" himself
------ Ranulph II Duke of Aquitaine
Count of Pomerellen
------ Sambor II Ksiaz Pomorze Duke of Dirschau
Count of Salm, Count in the Moselgau
------ Frederick I of Salm Count of Luxemburg
Count of Saxony 7.4.1180-9.2.1212
------ Bernhard III Duke of Saxony
Count of Senlis, Peronne and St. Quintin.
------ Pepin V or II Count of Vermandois
Count of Tecklenburg 1127-1144
------ Ekbert Count of Tecklenburg
Count of the Palace for Charles the Bald
------ Wulfgrin I Taillifer Count of Angouleme
Count of Vendome
------ Bodon ( Eudes) Count of Nevers
Count of Verdun, Marquis Antwerp
------ Gozelo I Duke of Lorraine
Count Walram I of Arlon, Walram III of Limburg, 1128 Duke
------ Walram III Paganus Duke of Lower Lorraine
Court official
------ Iu of Egypt
Courtenay, France
------ Amicie of Courtenay
Courtenay, Galinois, France
------ Alice of Courtenay
------ Isabelle (Elizabeth) of Courtenay
Courtenay, Loiret, France
------ Renaud (Reginald) Seigneur Count of Courtenay
------ Josceline Count of Courtenay
------ Athon Count of Courtenay
------ Renaud (Reginald) Seigneur Count of Courtenay
------ Matilda of Don Jon
------ Frederick of Don Jon
Courtenay, Loriet, France
------ Milo Count of Courtenay
Coutances, Normandy
------ Robert Guiscard Duke of Apulia and Calabria
Crecy, France
------ Guy of Crecy
------ Melisende of Crecy
------ Raoul III "the Great" Count of Valois
Cuiseaux, Saone-Et-Loire, France
------ Mathilde of Cuiseaux
------ Pons I of Cuiseaux
------ Laura of Senecy
------ NN Princess of the Kumans
------ Eberhard Marchese Count of Friuli

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