A concubine of Angouleme 900-?
A noble of Rhodos
Abas King of Argos
Abba Exilarch of Jews in Babylon
Abbad of Islam
Abbo Count of Stade
Abdallah of Tudela ?-915
Abdissares of Armenia
Abdul Aziz of Egypt (Islam)
`Abd Allah ben `Abd al-Muttalib of Islam (pre) 554-570
`Abd al-Muttalib (Shêba al-Hamd) of Islam (pre)
`Abd Manâf of Islam (pre) 430-?
Abel BREIDE 1209-?
Abel BUCKWALD 1459-1519
Abel Henningsdatter KABEL 1398-?
Abel Jørgensdatter Sibbern 1648-1726
Abel King of Denmark 1218-1252
Abel Lauridsdatter Dan 1420-?
Abel Markvadsdatter SVAVE 1420-?
Abel Mattisdatter BENDERUP 1410-?
Abel STAKE 1447-?
Abel Valdemarsen SAPPI 1292-1332
Abgar V Oukhama King of Osrhoene
Abgar VI King of Osrhoene
Abhaya I King of Pancanada
Abhaya II King of Pancanada
Abhaya III King of Pancanada
Abhisara II of Taxila
Abhisara III King of Pancanada
Abhisara IV King of Avanti
Abhisara of Taxila
Abiah (Abi) Queen of Judah
Abigael Jørgensdatter Wiel 1679-1757
Abigael Knudsdatter Lerche ?-1669
Abigael Lauridsdatter Hindsholm 1640-1732
Abihajil of Israel
Abijah King of Judah
Abin of Israel
Abinerglos King of Characene
Abisue High Priest of Israel
Abjörn Laurentzson SPARRE of Tofta 1300-?
Abjörn Sixtensson til Salsta SPARRE of Tofta 1240-1310
Abraham Brodersen til Skedal BAAD 1382-1410
Abraham Brodersson 1355-?
Abraham Kristiernsson LEIJONHUFVUD 1442-1499
Abraham of Ur
Abraham Persson BRAHE 1569-1630
Abraham SOME 1380-?
Absalom\Uriel of Gabaa Prince of Israel
Absalon Bishop of Copenhagen 1128-1201
Absalon Jakobsen ULFELDT 1365-1383
Absalon Jonsen til Broholm ULFELDT 1228-?
Absalon Aagesen Kyrning til Herlev THOTT 1314-?
Abstartus Theophylaktos of Armenia 843-?
Abu Amr Abbad ben Muhammad II King of Seville ?-1068
Abul-Kasim Muhammad III King of Seville 1045-1095
`Abu Fârisi of Islam
Acfredo II Count of Carcassonne 847-933
Achaemenes Prince of Persia
Achaeus I Prince of Syria
Achaimenes King of Anshan
Achard of la Ferte-sur-Aube 910-?
Achilles of Greek mythology
Achimas High Priest of Israel
Achir Cirre of Ireland (Dál Riata) ?-275
Achitob High Priest of Israel
Achitob II High Priest of Israel
Acibella Garces of Gascony
Acrotatus King of Sparta
Acrotatus Prince of Sparta
Ada of Israel
Ada of Varenne 1115-1178
Adad-guppi Princess of Assyria
Adad-nirari II King of Assyria
Adad-nirari III King of Assyria
Adalbald Duke of Douai
Adalbero I Count of Ebersberg
Adalbert "The Victorious" Duke of Austria 987-1053
Adalbert Count of Ballensted
Adalbert Count of Marchtal
Adalbert Duke of Upper Lorraine ?-1048
Adalbert I Count of Perigord and La Marche 959-997
Adalbert II Count of Metz ?-1038
Adalbert King of Italy 947-972
Adalbert of Metz
Adalbert of Räthien
Adalbert Seveke Count of Sommerscenburg 1020-?
Adalbert-Otto II Count of Modena and Canossa
Adalric Duke of Gascony ?-812
Adalvald King of the Longobards
Adam of Biblical myth
Adataneses of Biblical myth
Addedomaros King of Britain (Trinovantes tribe)
Addi of Israel
Adea-Eurydice Princess of Macedonia
Adela of Alsleben ?-1000
Adela of Carlat 1031-1071
Adela of Louvain 910-961
Adela of Meissen
Adela Princess of England 1046-1138
Adelaida Princess of Hungary 1038-1062
Adelaide CAVANEZ 1030-?
Adelaide Countess of Vermandois and Troyes ?-991
Adelaide of Auxerre 872-?
Adelaide of England 1029-1081
Adelaide of Equisheim 972-1045
Adelaide of Montferrat 1034-1091
Adelaide of Oltigau
Adelaide of Pons 949-1011
Adelaide Of Savoy 1035-?
Adelaide of Tours 819-866
Adelaide of Vermandois 1080-1120
Adelaide of Vermandois 934-987
Adelaide Princess of Aquitaine 952-1006
Adelais of Forcalquier 1054-1129
Adelajda "The White" Princess of Poland 955-997
Adelajda Princess of Poland ?-997
Adelbert Count of Ivrea ?-928
Adelbert Duke of Alsace 675-?
Adele Alix Princess of France 1009-1079
Adele d'Anjou Countess of Vendome 990-1034
Adele of Anjou 960-1002
Adele of Bar 1015-1053
Adele of Beteau 1023-1086
Adele of Breteuil 995-1051
Adele of Flandern Queen of Denmark 1058-1115
Adele of Gascony
Adele of Louvain ?-1083
Adele of Roucy 1022-1062
Adele of Roucy 1043-?
Adele of the Franks
Adele of Upper Lorraine
Adele of Valois 1036-?
Adele of Valois 960-?
Adele of Vermandois
Adele Princess of France ?-1063
Adele-Gerloc of Normandy 897-?
Adeleide of Monchenthal 1077-1122
Adelheid (Adela) of Gleichen 1200-1267
Adelheid (Ermengard) of Lorraine 973-1022
Adelheid Countess of Orlamünde 1100-?
Adelheid Empress of Holy Roman Empire ?-999
Adelheid of Assel ?-1185
Adelheid of Dassel 1198-1263
Adelheid of Diessen 1086-1126
Adelheid of Hostaden
Adelheid of Laufen 1165-1180
Adelheid of Lechsgemünd
Adelheid of Louvain 1074-1160
Adelheid of Lower Lorraine 1059-1106
Adelheid of Meissen ?-1211
Adelheid of Oeningen ?-1057
Adelheid of Ostmark 1041-1071
Adelheid of Regensburg 1064-?
Adelheid of Sommerschenburg ?-1180
Adelheid of Stade 1060-1110
Adelheid of Susa 1015-1091
Adelheid of Wassel 1168-?
Adelheid of Weimar 1055-1100
Adelheid Princess of Swabia 1067-1090
Adelheid? of Lower Lorraine ?-1150
Adeline of Boulogne 980-?
Adelis of Belleme 1020-?
Adelise of Soissons 975-?
Adellinde of Babenberg ?-915
Ademar Count of Segur 950-977
Ademar I Count of Limoges 986-1036
Ademar II Count of Limoges 1030-1090
Ademar III le Barbu Count of Limoges 1068-1139
Admetos King of Epirus
Adolf Count of Dassel and Nieno 1160-?
Adolf Duke of Slesvig-Holsten 1526-1586
Adolf I von Schauenburg Count of Holstein 1072-1128
Adolf II von Schauenburg Count of Holstein 1110-1164
Adolf III von Schauenburg Count of Holstein 1159-1225
Adolf IV von Schauenburg Count of Holstein 1186-1261
Adolf of Saffenberg 1087-?
Adolf of Scaumburg 1042-?
Adolph Friedrich King of Sweden ?-1771
Adosinda Gutierrez Queen of Leon
`Adnan of Islam (pre)
Adventinus of Roman mythology
Aecides King of Epirus
Aeda of Saxony
Aedh Find "the fair" King of Scots (Dál Riata) 714-778
AEfflaed of Bernicia
Aegestes of Roman mythology
Aelfgifu Queen of England ?-1003
Aelflaed (Sybil) of Northumbria
Aelflaed Queen of England ?-919
Aelfthryth Queen of England
Aelgifu Queen of England ?-944
Aelgifu Queen of England ?-970
Aelia Flavia Flacilla Empress of the East ?-386
Aelia Paetina Empress of Rome
Aelia Queen of Bosphorus
Aelinde Rescinde of Amboise 844-?
Aeneas of Roman mythology
Aeneas of Troy of Roman mythology
Aengus Buiding of Ireland (Dál Riata)
Aengus Fert (the King of Scots (Dál Riata)
Aeolus of Greek mythology
Aeropos II King of Macedonia
Aeropos King of Macedonia
Aeropos Prince of Macedonia
Aesc (Oisc) King of Kent ?-516
Aeternus ap Padeyrn Prince of Britain 340-?
Aethelbald King of England
Aethelfled of Wessex 920-?
Aethelfrith Ealdorman of Wiltshire 890-924
Aethelgifu of Wiltshire
Aethelgyth of Mercia
Aethelhelm Ealdorman of Wiltshire 859-898
Aethelmaer Ciel "the Great" Thegn of Sussex 940-1015
Aethelnoth of Canterbury ?-1038
Aethelred I King of Wessex 843-872
Aethelred II "Unready" King of England 968-1016
Aethelred Mucel Ealdorman of the Gaini
Aethelthrith of Wessex 940-?
Aethelwerd "the Historian" Thegn of Sussex 920-998
Aethelwold King of York
Aethelwulf Ealdorman of Mercia ?-903
Aethelwulf King of England 795-?
Afada ferch Alain Princess of Brittany 660-?
Afallach ab Lludd King of Britain (Roman)
Afallach of Britain 470-?
Afandreg Ddu (the Princess of Wales (Powys) 584-?
Afranius Hannibalius of Asia
Agabe Princess of Thebes
Agariste I of Greece
Agariste II of Greece
Agariste Princess of Sicyon
Agasicles King of Sparta
Agate of Vendome ?-1079
Agatha of Brunswick 1018-1064
Agatha Podebusk 1450-?
Agatha Princess of Byzantium
Agathe Chryselia of Dyrrbachion of Bulgaria
Agathe Johansdatter POGWISCH ?-1568
Agathe of Loraine 1119-1147
Agathocleia Princess of Bactria
Agathocles King (tyrant) of Syracuse
Agathocles King of Bactria
Agathocles Of Thrace
Agathocles Prince of Thrace
Agathokles of Greece
Agelas II King of Corinth
Agelas King of Corinth
Agelmund King of the Longobards
Agenor King of Pleuron
Agenor of Greek mythology
Agesilaus I King of Sparta
Agesilaus II King of Sparta
Agesilaus Prince of Sparta
Agesipolis I King of Sparta
Agesipolis II King of Sparta
Agesipolis III King of Sparta
Agesipolis Prince of Sparta
Agge Christiansen
Agia of Soissons
Agilius of Bavaria
Agilolf I of Bavaria ?-615
Agilulf Bishop of Metz
Agilulf of the Franks (Agilofingien)
Agis I King of Sparta
Agis II King of Sparta
Agis III King of Sparta
Agis IV King of Sparta
Agivald of the Franks (Agilofingien)
Aglaia Queen of Argos
Agnes (Adelheid) of Holstein
Agnes A. g. Henningsen 1868-1962
Agnes Countess of Bavaria ?-1218
Agnes de Macon of Burgundy 995-1068
Agnes De Poitiers Queen of Aragon
Agnes Hansen 1908-?
Agnes Håkonsdatter Princess of Norway 1290-1319
Agnes Jønch ?-1967
Agnes Leopoldsdaughter of Austria 1206-1226
Agnes Mathilde of Aquitaine 1075-?
Agnes of Austria 1111-1157
Agnes of Baudement 1050-?
Agnes of Boisgency 1110-?
Agnes of Braine-sur-Vesle Baudement 1130-1202
Agnes of Brandenburg Queen of Denmark 1258-1304
Agnes of Braunschweig-Lüneburg 1246-1302
Agnes of Cornwall
Agnes of Evereux 1030-?
Agnes of Hainault 1140-1168
Agnes of l'Isle Bouchard ?-1140
Agnes of Mels
Agnes of Poitou Empress of Germany 1020-1077
Agnes of Weimar
Agnes Ovens
Agnes Sigurdsdatter til Giske SUDRHEIMS-ætten ?-1424
Agnes von Pflug
Agnes von Waiblingen Princess of Germany 1074-1143
Agnethe Kellinghusen 1675-1736
Agrippa of Roman mythology
Ahab King of Israel (Samaria)
Ahasverus KAAS 1693-1744
Ahaz King of Judah
Ahaziah King of Israel (Samaria)
Ahaziah King of Judah
Ahhotep I Princess of Egypt (Theben)
Ahhotep II Queen of Egypt
Ahhotep III Princess of Egypt
Ahmes Sapaiir Prince of Egypt
Ahmose I Nebpehtyre King of Egypt
Ahmose II (Amasis) Khnemibre King of Egypt
Ahmose Queen of Egypt
Ahmose-Hentempet Princess of Egypt
Ahmose-Hettimehu Princess of Egypt
Ahmose-Hettimehu Queen of Egypt
Ahmose-Nefertari Queen of Egypt
Aidan macGabhran King of Scots (Dál Riata) 532-?
Aimery I Count of Rochefoucauld 1076-1151
Aimery I Count of Thouars 879-?
Aimery II Count of Thouars 903-956
Aimery IV Count of Thouars 1024-1093
Aimery VI Count of Thouars 1080-1127
Aimon I Count of Faucigny 1108-?
Aimon I Count of Geneva 1050-1134
Aimon I Count of Vienne 985-1016
Aimon of Chateau-du-Loire 975-?
Aintech of Northumbria
Aisha of Islam
Aka II Princess of Commagene
Akhenaten Amenhotep IV King of Egypt
Akheperre Shoshenk V Prince of Egypt (Sais)
Akrisius King of Argos
Alain I King of Brittany 560-635
Alain I of Bretagne ?-937
Alain II Hir (the Tall) King of Brittany 630-690
Alain III (V) Duke of Bretagne 996-1040
Alain IV (VI) Fergent Duke of Bretagne ?-1119
Alan II of Bretagne Earl of Cornwall 1100-1146
Alard of Austrasia
Alaric I King of Visigoths 370-420
Alaric II King of Visigoths ?-507
Alber of Mora 1083-?
Alberada Countess of Hainault
Alberada of Hennegau 910-?
Alberic of Austrasia
Alberic of the Franks
Alberich Count of Lower Alsace 698-735
Albernus de Prato von der WISCH 1310-?
Albert Albertsen EBERSTEIN 1299-1330
Albert Andersen til Tovskov EBERSTEIN 1377-1400
Albert Engelbrechtsen til Skjersø BYDELSBAK 1430-1478
Albert Fochsen With 1640-1715
Albert Hansen 1550-1593
Albert I Count of Namur 950-1011
Albert I the Pious Count of Vermandois 920-?
Albert II of Andenne Count of Namur 1002-1063
Albert III of Stablo-Malmedy Count of Namur 1030-1102
Albert of Upper Lorraine Longwy 990-?
Albert Schumacher 1610-1648
Albert Thura 1700-1740
Albert til Krenkerup GØYE ?-1558
Alberta Queen of Castille and Leon ?-1067
Alberto Azzo II von Este Count of Ligurien 997-1097
Albrecht "af Helsingør" BYDELSBAK 1390-1458
Albrecht Count of Ballenstedt 1030-1080
Albrecht Count of Ravensburg
Albrecht Hemmingsen til Kindby KRAG 1360-1429
Albrecht I Count of Everstein ?-1162
Albrecht I Duke of Saxony 1212-1260
Albrecht II Count of Brandenburg 1174-1220
Albrecht II Count of Everstein ?-1197
Albrecht III Count of Everstein 1160-1214
Albrecht Lydersen til Damsgaard EMMIKSEN 1494-1511
Albrecht of Mecklenburg King of Sweden ?-1412
Albrecht the Bear Count of Nordmark 1100-1170
Albrecht til Torbernfeld BYDELSBAK 1396-1405
Albrecht til Ørnhoved Count of Everstein 1230-1289
Albreda Montfort of Esperon
Albreda of Lorraine 930-?
Albrekt I Duke of Mecklenburg
Albret Rytter "lange Skeel" SKEEL 1360-?
Albret til Hegnet SKEEL ?-1568
Albret til Hegnet SKEEL 1420-1499
Albret til Hegnet SKEEL 1572-1639
Alburgis von Ringleheim 800-?
Alcaeus Prince of Mycene
Alcamenes King of Sparta
Alcathous King of Megara
Alcetas I King of Epirus
Alcetas II Prince of Epirus
Alcidice of Greek mythology
Alcmaeon II of Greece
Alcon of Epirus
Alcun ap Tegid Prince of Britain 660-?
Alda (Hilda) Princess of the Franks
Alda of the Franks
Aldara of San Massimo
Aldearde of Aunay 925-?
Aldearde of Thours 989-?
Aldegarde Countess of Provence 1008-?
Aldeheid GRUBBE 1380-1406
Aldis "breyska" Konaldsdatter ?-900
Aldonza Menendez of Bierzo
Aldradus of Chatellerault 940-?
Aldrien ap Selyfan King of Brittany 373-464
Alduin Count of Angouleme 866-916
Aletes King of Corinth
Alette Margretha Dorn 1671-1749
Aleus of Greek mythology
Alexander I Helios King of Armenia and Parthia
Alexander I King of Epirus
Alexander I King of Western Cilicia
Alexander II Czar of Russia 1818-1881
Alexander II Emperor of Byzantium
Alexander II King of Epirus
Alexander II King of Macedonia
Alexander III the Great King of Macedonia
Alexander III. Czar of Russia 1845-1894
Alexander IV King of Macedonia
Alexander Jannaeus King of Judea
Alexander Pedersen i Borup 1160-1221
Alexander Prince of Judea
Alexander Prince of Judea
Alexander Prince of Judea
Alexander Prince of Macedonia
Alexander Prince of Thrace
Alexander V King of Macedonia
Alexander V Prince of Cetis in Cilicia
Alexandra Princess of Judea
Alexandre King of Troy
Alexandrine of Mechlenburg-Schwerin 1879-1952
Alexandros I King of Macedonia
Alexandros of Syria
Alexidamos of Greece
Alexios Charon Dalassena of Byzantine Empire 990-?
Alexios I Komnenos Emperor of Byzantium 1048-1118
Alexis Prince of Russia 1904-1917
Alfarinn of Vestfold
Alfgar Duke (Earl) of Mercia
Alfgeir of Norway
Alfhild Gandolfsdatter 735-?
Alfhildr Queen of Norway (Vestfold)
Alfidia of Rome
Alfonso I King of Aragon and Navarre
Alfonso I the Catholic King of Asturias ?-757
Alfonso II "The Chaste" King of Aragon 1157-1196
Alfonso II King of Asturias 765-?
Alfonso II Prince of Aragon 1180-1209
Alfonso III King of Asturias, Galicia and Leon 848-?
Alfonso IV the Monk King of Leon 899-933
Alfonso V King of Leon 989-1028
Alfonso VI The Valient King of Castile and Leon 1030-1109
Alfonso VII King of Castile and Leon 1105-1157
Alfonso VIII "The Noble" King of Castile 1155-1214
Alfred King of England 849-?
Alfthryth Princess of England 877-?
Algaut Gautreksson of Sweden (myth) 639-?
Algot Bryniolfsson ALGOTSSONS' house 1228-1302
Algot Magnusson STURE ?-1426
al-Hasan of Islam ?-670
Alhed Clausdatter GRUBENDAL 1348-1404
Alheid Breide or Serlin ?-1416
Ali ben Abu Talib of Islam
Alice of Courtenay 1160-1218
Alienor or Hardouine of Thouars 880-?
Alisia of Normandy 1003-1037
Alison Patricia Cocks 1968-?
Alix (Adelaide) of Burgundy
Alix (Adelaide) of Savoy Queen of France 1092-1154
Alix (Adele) of Vermandois
Alix de Richmond of Bretagne 1201-1221
Alix of Baudement 1100-?
Alix of Champagne Queen of France 1142-1206
Alix of Namur 1117-1169
Alix Princess of Jerusalem 1110-1136
al-Kasim (`Abd Allah) ben Muhammad of Islam
Alketas King of Macedonia
Alkia Queen of Syracuse
Alkibiades I of Greece
Alkibiades II of Greece
Alkibiades of Greece
Alkmene Princess of Argos
"Alma" Daniella F. E. CASTONIER 1857-?
Alma Pompea of Domnonée 485-?
Almadion King of Troy
Almode of Limoges 980-1007
Almodis of Gévaudan
Almodis of la Marche 1000-1075
Almos King of Croatia 1068-1129
Almusa King of Hungary
al-Nadr of Islam (pre)
Alna-Kåre (Smør-Kåre) Of Norway
Aloc King of Britain (Bernicia)
Alogune (concubine) of Persia
Alora of Capua and Benevento ?-993
Alot Aarbot Princess of Norway
Alpaide (concubine) of Austrasia 654-?
Alpais Princess of Germany
Alpais Princess of Holy Roman Empire 794-?
Alphonso I Henriques King of Portugal 1110-1185
Alpin of Kintyre King of Scots (Galloway) 778-834
Althaea Princess of Pleuron
Altheus of Roman mythology
Altrude Queen of the Franks ?-607
Alv Haraldson BOLT 1369-1412
Alv på Thornberg ?-1240
Alv til Trondstad BOLT
Alverade Duchess of Apulia and Sicily 1032-1057
Alxion of Greece
Alyattes King of Lydia
Alypia Of Burgundy
Alypia Princess of the West
Amadeo I Count of Geneva 1100-1162
Amadeo II Count of Savoy 1032-1080
Amadeo III Count of Savoy 1092-1148
Amadeus III of Maurienne and Savoy
Amal King of the Ostrogoths
Amalaberga Princess of the Vandals
Amalaric II King of Visigoths 502-531
Amalasuintha Queen of Italy ?-535
Amalec King of Pharezl
Amalech (Avallach) King of Britain (Roman) ?-164
Amalfrid of Rome
Amalfrida Princess of the Ostrogoths
Amalie von Auerswald
Amandagami Abhaya King of Ceylon
Amanieu Seigneur of Benauges & Saint-Macaire 1060-?
Amarias High Priest of Israel
Amarias II High Priest of Israel
Amastris of Heraclea
Amastris Princess of Persia
Amauri de Montfort of Montfort-l'Amauri ?-1053
Amazaspus I (or Mirthidat III) King of Iberia
Amazaspus II King of Iberia
Amaziah King of Judah
Ambjörn VINSTORPA 1185-?
Amelia of Aunay 1010-1072
Amelia of Chatellerault 990-1010
Ameline of Thouars 1055-?
Amel-Marduk (Evil-Merodach) King of Babylon
Amenardis Akaluka Princess of Nubia
Amenemhat I Sehetepibre King of Egypt
Amenemhat II Nubkaure King of Egypt
Amenemhat III Nemare King of Egypt
Amenemhat Prince of Egypt
Amenemhat VI Se'ankhibre King of Egypt
Amenemope Usermare King of Egypt
Amenhotep High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Amenhotep I Djeserkare King of Egypt
Amenhotep II Akheprure King of Egypt
Amenhotep III Nebmare King of Egypt
Amenmess Prince of Egypt
Amenmesses Menmire King of Egypt
Amennefernebes Prince of Egypt
Amenothes High Priest of Amon at Thebes
Amenouahsou of Egypt
Ameny Prince of Egypt
Amestris Princess of Persia
Amestris Queen of Persia
Amgualoyt Prince of Britain
Amicie of Courtenay 1250-1275
Amiens of Valois 870-?
Amina bint Wahb of Islam (pre)
Aminadab of Israel
Aminiana (Munia) of Angouleme and Perigord
Ammiel\Eliam of Israel
Ammihud of Israel
Ammon of Ur
Amnius Anicius Julianus of Rome ?-330
Amnius Manius Caesenius N. A. Paulinus of Rome ?-350
Amnus Faunigena of Roman mythology
Amon King of Judah
Amphiktryon Prince of Mycene
Amphion of Greek mythology
Amr of Islam
Amr of Islam
Amram of Israel
Amri King of Israel (Samaria)
Amunipet Princess of Egypt
Amyntas (The Little) King of Macedonia
Amyntas I King of Macedonia
Amyntas II King of Macedonia
Amyntas III King of Macedonia
Amyntas IV Prince of Macedonia
Amyntas King of Peshawar
Amyntas Prince of Macedonia
Amytis II Princess of Media
Amytis Princess of Media
Anak Prince of the Souren-Pahlavids
Anastasia Empress of Byzantium
Anastasia Empress of Byzantium 651-711
Anastasia Gregoria Empress of Byzantium 611-?
Anastasia of Rome East
Anastasia of Schwerin ?-1306
Anastasia Princess of Poland 1164-1240
Anastasia Queen of the Khazars
Anastasius Emperor of the East
Anastasiya Agmunda Princess of Russia 1035-1074
Anaxander King of Sparta
Anaxandridas I King of Sparta
Anaxandridas II King of Sparta
Anaxibia of Greece
Anaxilaus King of Sparta
Anaxo Princess of Ellis
Anchinoe Dght of Nile of Greek mythology
Anchises of Troy of Roman mythology
Anders af Alnerup Pedersen
Anders Albertsen EBERSTEIN 1280-?
Anders And 1224-?
Anders BRAHE 1200-?
Anders Chr. Andersen 1810-1882
Anders Christiernsen til Eglum SANDBERG 1453-1505
Anders Davidsen HAK 1317-1322
Anders Davidsen HAK 1377-?
Anders Eriksen BØLLE ?-1409
Anders Eriksen til Kogsbølle ULFELDT 1404-1456
Anders Esgesen BILD 1256-1314
Anders Grosen til Tersløse ULFELDT 1164-1259
Anders Gudleikson Hovda 1790-1856
Anders Hoffmann Blønd 1990-?
Anders HVIDE
Anders Jachimsen til Voergaard BJØRN 1406-1490
Anders Jakobsen til Kogsbølle ULFELDT 1344-1383
Anders Jensen af Borreby PASSAU 1432-1471
Anders Jensen Spandet 1645-1684
Anders Jensen til Essendrup BROK 1311-1355
Anders Jonsen til Tovskov SKRAM 1395-1476
Anders Larsen
Anders Larsen
Anders Larsson
Anders Larsson Hovda 1734-1819
Anders Nielsen "af Sjælland" DUE 1225-1285
Anders Nielsen FRIIS 1336-?
Anders Nielsen i Drøsselbjerg BASSE 1359-?
Anders Nielsen KYRNING 1313-1333
Anders Nielsen Lisseim 1718-1793
Anders Nielsen Stygge ROSENKRANTZ 1393-1478
Anders Nielsen til Asdal PANTER 1360-1406
Anders Nielsen til Vinstrup BANNER 1431-1486
Anders NN SANDBERG 1400-?
Anders Offesen til Bjørnholm HVIDE 1341-1420
Anders Offesen til Torup HVIDE 1322-1396
Anders Olavsen Lisseim 1600-?
Anders Olofsson til Toksværd LUNGE 1352-1408
Anders Olsen
Anders Olufsen
Anders Peder Larsen
Anders Pedersen GODOV 1403-1463
Anders Pedersen i Bødstrup GRIIS 1372-1408
Anders Pedersen LAXMAND
Anders Pedersen til Ellinge JERNSKJÆG 1435-1468
Anders Sivendesen til Kjærstrup MULE 1368-1390
Anders Stigsen til Tygestrup HVIDE 1260-1318
Anders Sunesen 1160-1228
Anders Sørensen Vedel 1542-1616
Anders Thomasson 1324-?
Anders til Birkelse SKEEL 1665-1702
Anders til Broholm SEHESTED 1720-1799
Anders til Bruusgaard MUNK 1469-1504
Anders til Damsbo BILLE 1600-1657
Anders til Gjessingholm og Lyngholm BANNER 1538-1583
Anders til Hegnet SKEEL 1454-1558
Anders til Mogenstrup HAK 1421-1460
Anders til Møgtved SKEEL 1390-1459
Anders Tomasson 1354-?
Anders Wollesen
Anders Aagesen STENBRIKKE 1300-?
Andia (concubine) of Babylon
Andokides II of Greece
Andokides III of Greece
Andokides of Greece
Andre of Baudement 1050-1142
Andreas Bath LILJE
Andreas Boman
Andreas Ernst Würtz 1799-1837
Andreas Gyth 1818-1910
Andreas I King of Hungary 1001-1060
Andreas Momsen 1638-?
Andreas of Greece
Andreas Teilmann 1699-1772
Andregota Galindez Countess of Aragon ?-972
Andres Gregoriusson Pott til Stovreim 1243-1273
Andres Simonson av Stovreim
Andromache of Greek mythology
Andromachos of Syria
Andromeda Queen of Mycene
Andronikos Dukas Emperor of Byzantium 1036-1077
Andronikos Dukas of Byzantine Empire 980-1020
Andronikos Dukas Prince of Byzantium 1176-1185
Andronikos DUX of Byzantine Empire ?-908
Andronikos Komnenos Prince of Byzantium 1108-1142
Ane Jacobsdatter Udtorget
Ane Jensdatter
Ane Margrethe Kragh 1787-1859
Ane Ovesdatter SKALE
Ane Pedersdatter 1854-1932
Ane Sofie Rasmussen 1885-1979
Angeltheow King of Britain (Mercia)
Angenwit King of Britain (Bernicia)
Angerit Prince of Britain
Angila ? Countess of Oberrheingau
Anicia Demetrias of Rome
Anicia Faltonia Proba of Rome
Anicia Juliana of Rome
Anicia Juliana Princess of the West 461-?
Anicia of Rome
Anicius Auchenius Bassus of Rome
Anicius Auchenius of Rome
Anicius Faustus Paulinus of Rome
Anicius Hermogenianus Olybrius of Rome
Anicius OLYBRIUS Emperor of the West
Anicius Probinus of Rome
Ankhefemsekhmet High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Ankhefensekhme High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Ankhenesneferibre Princess of Egypt
Ankhesenpaaten ta sherif Princess of Egypt
Ankhsenpaaten Princess of Egypt
Ankwennefer of Egypt
Ann Cathrine Lasses
Anna "af Danmark" WILTBERG 1405-?
Anna (Agnes) of Chatillon-sur-Loing 1154-1184
Anna Agnesa Princess of Russia 1036-1076
Anna Agnethe Plum 1751-1805
Anna Andersdatter ?-1570
Anna Arvidsdotter TROLLE 1476-1532
Anna Axelsdotter Mattsson 1498-?
Anna Bartholin 1613-1682
Anna Birgitte (Hjorts Stifdatter) Scheen 1696-1765
Anna BREIDE 1458-1557
Anna Cathrine Kierulf 1746-1805
Anna Cathrine Lindemann 1690-1762
Anna Cathrine Morville 1683-1728
Anna Cathrine Werlin 1777-1854
Anna Charlotte Gyth 1855-1939
Anna Christina Andersdatter
Anna Christoffersdatter Schøller 1579-1637
Anna Clementsdotter HOGENSKILD 1508-?
Anna Dalassene Empress of Byzantium 1020-1100
Anna Dinesdatter Wind ?-1711
Anna Elisabeth Haman 1702-1769
Anna Emilie Eckardine Balslev 1834-1897
Anna EMMIKSEN 1443-1494
Anna Empress of Byzantium
Anna Evensdatter ?-1760
Anna Evertsdatter MOLTKE 1402-?
Anna Gertsdatter Schrøder 1615-1654
Anna Guskalkdatter Opheim 1808-1905
Anna Gustafsdotter STENBOCK 1455-1508
Anna Hansdatter Eide 1701-1786
Anna Havervad ?-1692
Anna Henriksdatter PANTER 1340-?
Anna Höcken 1562-1618
Anna II Princess of Byzantium 887-914
Anna Isachsdatter 1672-1743
Anna Jensdatter Mule 1627-1654
Anna Jensen 1938-?
Anna Johansdatter Neergaard 1712-1794
Anna Jørgensdatter Mule 1620-1677
Anna KABEL 1440-?
Anna Karlsdotter VINSTORPA 1461-1552
Anna King of East Anglia ?-653
Anna KAAS 1340-?
Anna LIMBEK 1300-?
Anna LIMBEK 1346-?
Anna Magdalene Holdt 1882-1941
Anna Magdalene Møller 1814-1889
Anna Marg. Bartholin 1660-1698
Anna Margrethe Dickhoff
Anna Maria von Minckwitz ?-1621
Anna Marie Jebsen
Anna Martha"Vaage" Marthesdatter 1744-1782
Anna Mouridsdatter til Aagaard GYLDENSTIERNE 1470-1545
Anna Nannestad 1775-1853
Anna Nielsdatter ROSENKRANTZ ?-1550
Anna of Arimatha Queen of Britain (Roman)
Anna of Arimathea
Anna of Denmark
Anna of Paphlagonia
Anna of Poland
Anna Olufsdatter GØYE
Anna Pedersdatter Hegelund 1582-?
Anna Petrowna Prinsess of Russia ?-1728
Anna POGWISCH 1369-1423
Anna Poulsdotter SESTED 1470-?
Anna PRESENT 1420-?
Anna Princess of Byzantium
Anna Princess of Byzantium ?-1011
Anna Raunsøe 1655-?
Anna Reimers
Anna REWENTLOW 1380-?
Anna REWENTLOW 1504-?
Anna Salome Lautrup 1775-1833
Anna STAKE 1480-?
Anna Steensdatter 1727-1809
Anna Strand
Anna Svane
Anna Svyatopolkovna Princess of Russia 1073-1136
Anna Sørensdatter Aagaard 1687-1760
Anna Trefeld 1290-?
Anna Vernersdatter PARSBERG 1559-1592
Anna von AHLEFELDT 1457-?
Anna von AHLEFELDT 1468-?
Anna von DEDEN 1562-1626
Anna von QUALEN
Anna von Ršdern
Anna WALSTORP 1509-1582
Anne "den hovmodige" til Boller MUNK 1400-1462
Anne ABILDGAARD 1380-1425
Anne Ahnholm
Anne Albertsdatter SKEEL ?-1553
Anne Albrechtsdatter BYDELSBAK
Anne Andersdatter PASSAU ?-1528
Anne Arvidsdatter af Halland BAAD 1436-1511
Anne Baggesdatter Lauritzen 1684-1741
Anne BANG 1480-1569
Anne Bertelsdatter KAAS 1494-?
Anne Borkvadsdatter SKINKEL 1365-?
Anne BRAHE 1520-1590
Anne BROCKENHUUS 1450-1511
Anne Cathrine of Brandenburg 1575-1612
Anne Cathrine Soelberg 1715-1757
Anne Christensdatter VENDELBO 1375-?
Anne Christoffersdatter LYKKE 1470-?
Anne Corfitzdatter til Faarevejle RØNNOW 1472-1530
Anne Eilersdatter til Hvidkilde RØNNOW 1541-1609
Anne Enevoldsdatter til Todbøl STYGGE
Anne Eriksdatter KRUMMEDIGE 1370-?
Anne Eriksdatter LYKKE 1546-1585
Anne Eriksdatter til Bavelse THOTT ?-1528
Anne Eskesdatter BILLE 1512-1566
Anne Frederiksdatter af Arlevad FRIIS (VREESE) 1513-?
Anne H. Mathilde Jansen Tiaden 1822-1900
Anne Hansdatter
Anne Hansdatter til Gundestrup SKOVGAARD ?-1645
Anne Helene von Bünau 1632-1706
Anne Henriksdatter FRIIS 1465-1542
Anne Henriksdatter SANDBERG 1516-1579
Anne Hermansdatter til Knudstrup FLEMMING ?-1530
Anne Høeg BANNER 1506-1553
Anne Iversdatter JUEL 1400-1465
Anne Jakobsdatter RAVENSBERG ?-1573
Anne Jensdatter Bagge 1440-?
Anne Jensdatter GYRSTINGE
Anne Jensdatter PRESENT ?-1484
Anne Jepsdatter Lange
Anne Jepsen Ovesdatter HASE 1291-?
Anne Johannesdtr.
Anne Jonsdatter VIFFERT 1475-1495
Anne Jørgensdatter RUD 1474-1533
Anne Knudsdatter GYLDENSTIERNE 1440-1531
Anne LANGE 1516-1559
Anne Lauridsdatter MUS 1420-1492
Anne Laursdatter 1765-?
Anne Lavesdatter BROK 1477-1524
Anne L'Hermite 1582-?
Anne Maltesdatter SEHESTED 1554-1621
Anne Maltesdatter til Holmgaard JUEL 1510-1549
Anne MANDERUP 1465-?
Anne Manderupsdatter HOLCK 1501-1591
Anne Marie Holdt 1918-?
Anne Marie Jacobsdatter 1761-?
Anne Marie Larsen 1765-1818
Anne Marie Schmidt
Anne Mette Momsen Fredslund 1980-?
Anne Nielsdatter BANNER 1434-1494
Anne Nielsdatter til Rydhave LYKKE 1568-1645
Anne Nielsdatter til Tersløse GRUBBE 1412-?
Anne Nielsdatter til Tostrup KABEL 1400-1469
Anne Oldenhausen
Anne Olsdatter 1798-?
Anne Olufsdatter LUNGE 1440-?
Anne Olufsdatter til Krapperup KROGNOS 1497-1571
Anne Olufsdatter til Løjstrup SOMMER 1491-1540
Anne Ottesdatter SKINKEL 1356-?
Anne Ottesen ROSENKRANTZ 1522-1589
Anne PARSBERG 1515-1587
Anne Pedersdatter BILLE 1420-?
Anne Pedersdatter Hegelund 1585-?
Anne Pedersdatter JERNSKJÆG ?-1432
Anne PODEBUSK 1502-1521
Anne Povlsdatter DYRE 1460-?
Anne Riemke 1916-1983
Anne RUD 1308-1533
Anne RØNNOW 1434-1474
Anne SAXSTRUP 1455-?
Anne Sivertsdatter BLAA
Anne SKEEL til Starupgaard DYRE 1466-?
Anne Sophie Christine Paludan 1809-1892
Anne til Rygaard RANI 1344-?
Anne til Svaneholm SPARRE of Skåne ?-1564
Anne til Søholm ROSENKRANTZ 1566-1618
Anne Timmesdatter ROSENKRANTZ 1450-1514
Anne Tygesdatter KRABBE 1509-1543
Anne Tygesdatter SEEFELD 1498-?
Anne Vanghaug Hansen 1947-?
Anne von AHLEFELDT 1385-?
Anne von Betschwitz
Anne von Creutzen
Annechen Mechlenburg 1602-1658
Anneken Garmann 1600-?
Annette Chr. Just 1778-1866
Annette Marie B. Puggaard 1821-1849
Annette Momsen 1972-?
Annette Rush 1938-?
Ansbertus Duke of Moselle 536-570
Ansbertus of France 523-?
Anscario Count of Ivrea
Ansegisel of Austrasia 607-662
Anselm Count of Noyou ?-966
Anselme ArchChancellor of Burgundy
Ansfred I Rollosson 937-?
Ansfred II Onfror or Unfroi GOZ 963-?
Ansgard of Burgundy Queen of France
Antedios King of Britain (Iceni tribe)
Antenor I King of Sicamber
Antenor II King of Sicamber
Antenor III Queen of the Franks
Antenor King of Troy
Antenor King of Troy (the Cimmerier)
Antharius King of Sicamber
Anthemius Emperor of the West
Anthemius of Rome
Anthiochus Epiphanes Prince of Commagene
Anthiochus I Soter King of Syria
Anthiochus I Theos Dikaios King of Commagene
Anthiochus II King of Commagene
Anthiochus III King of Commagene
Anthiochus of Macedonia
Antialcidas I King of Pancada
Antialcidas II King of Pancada
Antialcidas III King of Sindhu
Antialcidas King of Bactria
Antialcidas King of Cyrene
Antialcidas King of Cyrene and Paropamisdae
Antialcidas of Dhenukakata
Antigone of Macedonia
Antigone of Macedonia
Antigonus I Monophthalmos King of Macedonia
Antigonus II Gonatas King of Macedonia
Antigonus III (Doson) King of Macedonia
Antimachus I Theos King of Bactria
Antimachus II Prince of Bactria
Antiochis of Syria
Antiochis Princess of Syria
Antiochos I King of Commagene
Antiochus II Theos King of Syria
Antiochus III the Great King of Syria
Antiochus IV Epiphanes King of Commagene
Antiochus IV Epiphanes King of Syria
Antiochus IX Philopator King of Syria
Antiochus of Tagos of Thessaly of Greece
Antiochus Prince of Thebes and Argos
Antiochus V Eupator King of Syria
Antiochus VII Euergetes King of Syria
Antiochus VIII Philometer King of Syria
Antiochus X Eusebes Philopator King of Syria
Antiochus XI Epiph. Philadelphos King of Syria
Antiochus XII Dionysus King of Syria
Antiochus XIII Asiaticus King of Syria
Antipas I of Judea
Antipater King of Macedonia
Antipater of Judea
Antipatros I King of Macedonia
Anton Jacobæus 1779-1865
Anton Nicolai Boisen 1801-1858
Anton of Rome
Antonia II of Rome
Antonia Major of Rome
Antonia Minor of Rome
Antonia of Obotrites
Antonia of Rome
Antonia Tryphaena Princess of Pontus
Antonius Agrippa of Rome
Antonius Felix of Rome
Anula Queen of Ceylon
Anula Queen of Ceylon
Anund Haraldsson ?-1281
Anund Jonsson LEJONANSIKTE 1368-1397
Anund STURE 1310-1361
Anund til Grönskog STURE ?-1434
Apama I of Bactria
Apama II Princess of Macedonia
Apama Princess of Macedonia
Apama Princess of Persia
Apama Princess of Syria
Apollene Lange 1724-1791
Apollodotos I Prince of Bactria
Apollodotos II King of Sindhu
Apollodotus I King of Pancada
Apollodotus I Philopater King of Sindhu
Apollodotus of Syria
Apolloniz of Cyzicus
Appius Claudius Nero of Rome
Aquilin of Lyon 430-470
Aram of Israel
Arcaces I King of Parthia
ARCADIUS Flavius Emperor of the East 377-?
Arcayantimitra Princess of Andhra
Archambaud Borel of France ?-1083
Archambaud VIII Lord of Bourbon 1189-?
Archebios King of Bactria
Archelaos I of Pontus
Archelaos II High Priest of Comana
Archelaos III High Priest of Comana
Archelaos IV Philopatris Ktistes King of Cappadocia
Archelaos King of Macedonia
Archelaos Prince of Macedonia
Archelaus King of Sparta
Archidamus I King of Sparta
Archidamus II King of Sparta
Archidamus III King of Sparta
Archidamus IV King of Sparta
Archidamus V King of Sparta
Archil I King of Iberia
Ardabast Prince of Visigoths
Ardashir I Emperor of Sasanian Persia
Arddyn Princess of Britain (The Pennines) 510-?
Ardoino III Glabrione Count of Auriate, Torino ?-972
Arduin I Count of Turin
Ardys King of Lydia
Aremburge of Thouars 880-?
Aremburge of Vergy 980-1060
Arent Bengtsson ULF 1415-1471
Arent Dyssel 1631-1659
Arent PINNOW 1382-1415
Areus I King of Sparta
Areus II King of Sparta
Argaios King of Macedonia
Argaios Prince of Macedonia
Argeia Queen of Sparta
Argeropoulina of Byzant
Argilo of Branosera
Argotta Queen of the Franks 376-?
Argus King of Peloponnese of Greek mythology
Argyphid of Greek mythology
Ariadne Empress of the East ?-515
Ariaramnes King of Anshan
Ariaramnes King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes Eusebes Philo. King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes I King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes II King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes III King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes IV Eusebes King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes V E. Philipator King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Ph. King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes VIII King of Cappadocia
Ariarathes X Eusebes Ph. King of Cappadocia
Ariathes VII Philometer King of Cappadocia
Aribert I of Obotrites 724-?
Ariel of the Scots (Picts)
Arild Madsen QVITZOW 1402-1449
Arild til Vadsted BAAD 1402-?
Arimannus of Auvergne 853-?
Arine Olufsdatter af Tystofte SALTENSEE ?-1344
Arine Olufsdatter FLEMMING 1259-?
Ariobarzanes I King of Media Atropatene
Ariobarzanes I of Phrygia
Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios
Ariobarzanes II King of Media Atropatene
Ariobarzanes II of Chios
Ariobarzanes II Philopater King of Cappadocia
Ariobarzanes III Eusebes P. King of Cappadocia
Ariobarzanes King of Pontus
Ariobarzanes of Daskalytis
Ariobarzanes of Persia
Ariomandes of Persia
Aripert II of the Longobards 712-?
Ariperto I King of the Longobards
Ariphron of Greece
Aristobulus King of Judea
Aristobulus Prince of Judea
Aristobulus V King of Lesser Armenia
Aristodemos King of Sparta
Aristomakhos of Greece
Aristomedes King of Corinth
Ariston King of Sparta
Aristonicus (Eumenes III King of Pergamum
Aristonymos of Greece
Aristoteles of Greece
Arlebeaud Count of Semur 918-950
Arnan of Jewish exile in Babylon
Arne Arnesson
Arne Kvamme ?-1618
Arne på Stovreim
Arnest FASTI 1320-?
Arni Armodsson til Giske 977-1024
Arnmod Arnvidarsson Jarl 945-986
Arnoald Bishop of Metz
Arnold I the Old Count of Flanders 890-?
Arnold II the Young Count of Flanders 961-?
Arnold of Gand
Arnoldus Chr. Dyssel til Sejlstrup FALKENSKJOLD 1648-1714
Arnoldus til Sæbygaard FALKENSKJOLD 1744-1818
Arnoul (St Arnoul) "de Heristal" Bishop of Metz
Arnould I Count of Comminges and Couserans 920-957
Arnould I Manzer Count of Angouleme 924-988
Arnulf Count of Friesland
Arnulf I the Bad Duke of Bavaria 886-?
Arnuph I Emperor of Holy Roman Empire 820-?
Arnuwanda I King of the Hittites
Arnvid Gustafsson SPARRE of Vik 1245-1317
Arnvid Thorarinsson 913-?
Aroandes I (Orontes) of Armenia
Aroandes II (Orontes) King of Armenia
Aroandes III (Orontes) King of Armenia
Aroandes IV King of Armenia
Arp Schumacher 1566-1630
Arpad King of Hungary ?-907
Arphaxad of Ur
Arrabaios King of Lynkos (Illyria)
Arrhidaeus of Elimaea
Arrhidaios Prince of Macedonia
Arrhidaios Prince of Macedonia
Arsaces II (Artabanus) King of Parthia
Arsames I (Artavazanes) King of Armenia
Arsames King of Anshan
Arsames Prince of Persia
Arshanoysh Princess of Armenia 325-?
Arshavir I Kamsarakan Prince of Shirak 300-356
Arshavir II Kamsarakan Prince of Shirak 420-455
Arshavir Kamsarakan of Armenia 750-808
Arsinde Blanche of Anjou 945-1026
Arsinde of Carcassonne 877-?
Arsindis (Ersindis) Countess of Aulney ?-989
Arsinoe I Princess of Thrace
Arsinoe III Princess of Egypt
Arsinoe of Macedonia
Arsites Prince of Persia
Artabanos IV King of Parthia and Media 163-224
Artabanus I King of Parthia
Artabanus II King of Parthia
Artabazos I of Daskalytis
Artabazos III of Daskalytis
Artabazos of Daskalytis
Artaces I (Artag) King of Iberia
Artakama of Daskalytis
Artama King of Mitanni
Artarios of Babel Prince of Persia
Artashin of Armenia
Artashir\Artavazd III of Armenia
Artashshumara King of Mitanni
Artasvasdas Emperor of Byzantium
Artasyras of Bactria
Artatama King of Mitanni
Artavasdes I Kamsarakan Prince of Shirak
Artavasdes I King of Armenia
Artavasdes I King of Armenia
Artavasdes I King of Media Atropatene
Artavasdes II King of Armenia
Artavasdes IV King of Armenia
Artavazd I Prince of the Mamikonids
Artavazd II Prince of the Mamikonids
Artavazd Mamikonian of Armenia 740-780
Artavazd of the Mamikonians 653-?
Artavazdes King of Parthia
Artaxerxes I Longimanus King of Persia
Artaxerxes II Mnemon King of Persia
Artaxerxes III Ochus King of Persia
Artaxerxes IV King of Persia
Artaxias I (Arshak) King of Iberia
Artaxias I King of Armenia
Artaxias II King of Armenia
Artaynta of Bactria
Artemie of Lyon 490-?
Artemie of Rome (Gallo)
Arthwyr Pendragon (King Arthur King of Britain 480-537
Arthwys ap Mor King of Britain (Pennines) 455-?
Artonis of Daskalytis
Artontes of Persia
Artozastra Princess of Persia
Artystone Princess of Persia
Arvid Bengtsson LEJONANSIKTE 1350-?
Arvid Birgersson TROLLE 1430-1505
Arvid Gustafsson til Vik SPARRE of Vik 1310-1379
Arvid Jonsson STORE 1376-1438
Arvid Knutsson STORE 1440-1497
Arvid Svensson SVAN 1400-?
Aryakes Prince of Anshan
Aryazata Automa Princess of Armenia
Aryenis Princess of Lydia
Arymbas King of Epirus
Asa King of Judah
Asbjørn of Herse-ætten på Nord-Møre
Aschen Princess of Alania
Ascrida (Aseda) Rognvaldsdatter 804-?
Ascyla of the Franks 100-?
Asenat of Egypt
Asger Kristian Ebbe Hansen 1907-1990
Ashakhet High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Asher of Israel
Ashkhadar King of Alania (Oseti)
Ashmu-Nikkal Queen of the Hittites
Ashoka Vardhana King of Maurya Empire
Ashot IV Bagratuni Carnivore Prince of Armenia
Ashur-dan II King of Assyria
Ashur-dan III King of Assyria
Ashur-etil-same-irsiti-uballit-su of Assyria
Ashur-nadin-akni I King of Assyria
Ashur-nasir-pal II King of Assyria
Ashur-nirari V King of Assyria
Ashur-rabi II King of Assyria
Ashur-resha-ishi II King of Assyria
Ashursharrat Queen of Assyria
Ashur-uballit I King of Assyria
Asia of Greek mythology
Askhabet High Priest of Ptah at Memphis
Aslakr Bifra-Kåri Ånarson 820-?
Aslan of Islam
Aslaug Sigurdsdatter
Aslaug Sigurdsdatter 765-?
Asnar Dato of Ribagorza and Pallas
Asnarius Count of Comminges 872-?
Aspasia of Greece
Aspurgus King of Bosphorus
Assaracus King of Dardania
Asser Bishop of Denmark 1059-1137
Asser Mogensen RIBBING 1322-?
Asser Rig HVIDE 1080-1151
Assur Jonson
Assur Tordson
Assurbanipal II King of Assyria
Assur-da'in-apli Prince of Assyria
Ast Princess of Egypt
Asta "Astrid" Gudbrandsdatter 970-1020
Astrid Eiriksdatter Bjodaskalle ?-963
Astrid Njalsdatter Queen of Sweden 985-1066
Astrid Princess of Sweden
Astrid Trygvesdatter 963-?
Astyages King of Media
Astydameia Princess of Ellis
Astyoche of Greek mythology
Astyoche Princess of Ephyra
At'anakines Souren Pahlav Prince of Armenia 315-350
Atenulf Count of Aversa
Atenulf I Count of Capua and Benevento ?-910
Ateuhayt Princess of Egypt
Atha of Hohenwart ?-935
Athal (The Noble One) King of the Ostrogoths
Athalaric King of the Ostrogoths 516-?
Athaliah Queen of Judea
Athanagild King of Visigoths ?-568
Athanagild Prince of Visigoths
Athenaeus of Cyzicus
Athenais Philostorgos Princess of Pontus
Athildus Queen of the Franks
Athon Count of Courtenay 985-1000
Atia Balbus of Rome
Atika of the Bani Cays Aylân of Islam (pre)
Atlas a Titan of Greek mythology
Atmuneferu Princess of Egypt
Atossa Princess of Anshan
Atossa Princess of Persia
Atossa Queen of Persia
Attalus I of Pergamum
Attalus I Soter King of Pergamum
Attalus II of Pergamum
Attalus II Philadelphus King of Pergamum
Attalus III Philometer King of Pergamum
Attalus of Tios
Atthis Prince of Athens
Atulpho Count of Coimbra
Aubri I Count of Blois
Aubri II Count of Blois
Aucelende of Auvergne 925-?
Auchilia of Burgundy
Aud "Deep Minded" Ketilsdatter Queen of Ireland 834-900
Aud Snoresdatter
Audata of Macedonia
Audefleda Princess of the Franks
Audna Kjarvalsdatter Princess of Ireland 928-?
Audoin King of the Longobards ?-553
Audr Ketilsdtr. Djupaudga of the Hebrides 820-890
Audun "Skokuk" Björnsson of Iceland 854-?
Augin of Soissons
Augis-Avigis King of the Ostrogoths
Augusta Margrete Didrichsen 1788-1865
Aun Arnarson Hyrnu 790-?
Aunachaire Bishop of Auxerre 525-605
Aunulf Duke of Angouleme
Aurelia (Cornelia) of Rome
Aurelien Bishop of Arles 523-?
Aurelio King of Asturias ?-774
Aurengarde of Mauleon 1010-?
Austmann Gustavson
Austregilde Aiga of Orleans 530-?
Austrene Bishop of Orleans 527-610
Austrigusa-Ostrogotho Princess of the Gepids
Autesion of Sparta
Automedusa Princess of Megara
Ava Countess of Tours 769-838
Ava of Ribagorza and Pallars ?-995
Avitus Emperor of Rome
AVITUS Eparchius Emperor of the West
Awde Princess of Osrhoene
Axel (Oxle) KURCK 1360-?
Axel Axelsson BRAHE 1480-1551
Axel Daniel Storm CASTONIER 1854-1881
Axel DOTING 1340-?
Axel Ericsson KURCK 1395-?
Axel Eriksson BIELKE 1500-1559
Axel Eskildsen MULE 1291-?
Axel Gustafsson BANER 1594-1642
Axel Holdt 1886-1886
Axel Jepsen til Sørup THOTT 1401-1407
Axel Kjeldson KROGNOS 1355-?
Axel Lagesen til Clausholm BROK 1433-1498
Axel Mattsson 1475-?
Axel Mogensen til Krenkerup GØYE 1378-1411
Axel Nielsen til Langtind ROSENKRANTZ 1472-1551
Axel Nilsson BANER 1513-1554
Axel Nilsson POSSE 1487-?
Axel Pedersen til Herlev THOTT 1370-1446
Axel Pedersen til Krogholm BRAHE ?-1487
Axel Pedersson til Vidskøfle BRAHE 1398-1425
Axel til Glimminge ROSENKRANTZ 1552-1630
Axel til Glorup WALKENDORFF 1445-1483
Axel til Ljungby GYLDENSTIERNE ?-1603
Axel til Søgaard og Aarsmarke URNE 1538-1577
Axel Aagesen til Herlev THOTT
Axidares King of Armenia ?-114
Aymer II de Valence Count of Angouleme 1160-1218
Ayo King of the Longobards
Azarias High Priest of Israel
Azarias II High Priest of Israel
Azarias III High Priest of Israel
Azenor Queen of Brittany 560-?
Aznar I Galindez Count of Aragon ?-839
Aznar II Galindo Count of Aragon ?-893
Azrial of Biblical myth
Azubah Queen of Judah
Azura of Biblical myth


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