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Please note: To protect the privacy of my friends I have changed or left out their names
and only give state or big cities as location! - Jacob Holdt

Symbols of white oppression

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White supremacy in photography

Most whites do not like the term "white supremacy" - yet struggle hard to increase their share of it every day. In the 35 years I have photographed black/white relations each white American has managed to grow from 6 to 8 times as rich as each black. For whenever blacks try to break out of their forced segregation, whites turn their backs to them and run from their schools and neighborhoods. When blacks make up more than 20% it is usually the tipping point when even the liberals run. The property values thus fall in the ghettoes, while they grow artificially high in the "popular" white neighborhoods. Since most people's wealth and ability to start a business is tied to their property, the white financial supremacy thus keeps growing and growing.
(By the way, we Europeans have learned this trick very well from you and are now doing exactly the same to our Muslim immigrants!)
It is easy to photograph the results of white supremacy, but hard to photograph the actual crime against humanity which it represents - with rare exceptions such as my pictures below of whites directly throwing stones at blacks being bussed to their neighborhood schools. So these pictures are mostly crude symbols of our white supremacy. They will make whites uncomfortable - exactly because we are all guilty!
How do blacks react to all this?

Plantation owner with
The whore and white
Children learning white
supremacy like their fathers
Junkies shooting up
next to Congress
White shoppers
and homeless
Homeless on Wall St. Nuns and homeless Living in the shadow of
the good life
Slums and Congress Air craft carrier next to
woman with no electricity
No health coverage for
50 million poor
Beggar and billionaires
on Palm Beach
Diamonds and beggar To WTC with love Closed bank for beggar
studying business law
Moon rocket going up
over shack with no light
Prisoner cleaning
up on Palm Beach
Black power vs.
white power
Disposable society with
its high infant mortality
Black crucified in front of
Banker and homeless Mink fur for the rich
- death to the poor
Boss ordering black to
work with cut off fingers
Paying migrant workers
poverty wages
Poor children no way near
a life in Wonder World
Cotton picker and
passing motor homes
Ghetto children under
freeways for white suburbia
Boss making a million a
year on poor farm workers
Poor shacks and passing
motor homes from the North
Nigger, stay in the ghetto
we've consigned you to!
Black caddies paid 5$ an
hour in Palm Beach
Millionaires using cheap
labor in chain gangs
You do not receive
because you ask wrongly
Reaching for the passing
white world above
Poor wino getting drunk
on billions for warships
Air plane over shack
Unemployed men not yet
flying their own jets.
A smile from the closest
neighbor to Congress
Rich and homeless Poor black nannies with
rich white children
The powerless vs.
the powerful
Poor babysitter for rich
people's child
Isn't Black Velvet smooth? White sexism everywhere
Black vs. white women Let black mammy fill
you up
Holding on to a history
of white supremacy
Protecting bussed black
children from whites
White parents fighting to
keep blacks in the ghetto
Honor America in
collapsing ghetto school
Why pledge allegiance? Whites against mixing
with blacks
Shooting up the WTC Billions and billions served Freedom for whom? Cops beating up black
Statue of liberty seen
from behind bars
Reaching for the heights "Fuck you, whitey!" Signing up to kill the poor
Constant race profiling
and harassment of blacks
Guns vs. butter - warship
and housing project
White values
Tobacco workers and
white auctioneers
Homeless vs.
downtown affluence
Guns vs. butter - warship
and housing project
Cotton worker under
white rule
The beauty and the beast
Nixon and welfare mother      


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