Photo gallery of Jacob Holdt

USA tour fall of 2003

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01.Bethina.Statue.of.Liberty 02.Sandra.Kasele.2003 03.Georgia.Pennix2 04.Jacob.Geegurtha.1973
Bethina with Statue
of Liberty
Bethina with Sandra Ruffin and
Kasele Meyers in Wash. DC.
With Georgia whom I stayed
with 30 years ago.
Now she is a minister.
Living with Geegurtha
in 1973
05.Jacob.Geegurtha.2003 06.Tony.Geegurtha.2003 06.Tony.Geegurtha2.2003
With Geegurtha 30 years
after I first stayed with her
(trying to look like we once did)
Tony in Geegurtha's
Tony and Geegurtha DJ joining us after his tour
08.Honey.Thomas.DJ.2003 09.Thomas.DJ.Jacob.2003 10.Thomas.Honey.2003 102
Honey, Thomas and Honey's
husband, DJ
Rapping with DJ
and Thomas
Honey and Thomas Honey with her cousin,