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Years of lecturing in Europe and the USA has forced Jacob Holdt to try find and define the similarities between modern European and American racism. In less than a few decades Europeans have developed a psychological thought system towards immigrants similar to the one that has paralyzed white and black Americans for centuries, he finds. 
Frequent questions on racism and oppression 


All people have been oppressed and many have an intuitive understanding of the distress patterns they have developed as a result. Here are the guiding principles behind all oppressions used by Jacob Holdt and Tony Harris in their workshops to eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, anti-Semitism, classism and their many other cousins: 
Insights about oppression

Take an online course on racism and oppression here!
In 3,500 pictures and 90,000 words this is the biggest online picture book you will find on the Internet. It is made for all of us seemingly innocent oppressors who don't fully understand how we affect women, blacks, Muslim immigrants (in Europe), Jews, homosexuals etc through our negative thinking of them.
The first part about the oppression of blacks in the American South will also give you a better understanding of the anger and violence of blacks in America today.
"Roots of oppression"

Or test your own racism here!
Let Jacob Holdt take you on a long journey through your early (American) childhood experiences. Based on his observations from constantly traveling in other interracial societies to try find and understand his own racism, you will gradually - if you are somewhat normal - probably also discover your personal racism.
This is also a good way for black Americans to get a better understanding of  how they have internalized white racist thinking.
From Jacob Holdt's "unlearning racism workshops"

See Jacob Holdt's racism workshop on video her:

Anti racism workshop in American universities

See the emotional oppression workshop by Jacob Holdt's long time companion,
Tony Harris.

Antiracism workshop by Tony Harris.

Why "OUR" racism is worse than that of the KKK
An illustrated and educational storybook about why the Ku Klux Klan are virtual saints in terms of racism, but try all they can to hide it.
My picture book for school children about the KKK

  The Ku Klux Klan - symbols of racism

Since the Internet reaches into a great variety of societies with varying degrees of racial sensitivity Jacob Holdt finds it necessary to explain these home pages. 
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One of the hardest things for most people - especially victims - is to see the human being within the oppressor. In this story Jacob Holdt tries to help a victim "embrace" an oppressor of the vilest sorts - and on the basis of his experiences with criminals, mass murderers etc. explains his own feelings about them. 
"On mass murderers: Seeing oppressors as victims" 

Victim of racism and oppression in Florida

With the cradle-to-grave insecurity Americans live in - the institutionalized and growing inequality and the crime it breeds - some are searching for alternatives.
In this e-mail Jacob Holdt shows American friends an alternative: - how the Danes love the security of their welfare state so much that they at times shut their whole country down to fight for even more of it.
No wonder when you hear how it allows them 6 weeks - or even 1 year long - paid round-the-world vacations - while more and more Americans work "like slaves" to make ends meet during their 1-2 week vacations.
On the welfare state: "Fighting for more vacations..... or women power bringing a country to its knees."

Racism in advertising

Environmental racism has increasingly become accepted as one of the most serious forms of oppressions. Yet, the movement as well as government action seems to be falling severely behind in the USA today. In this amusing story Jacob Holdt relates to his American e-mail friends about the dramatic advances in European ecological awareness. Most of his examples will no doubt surprise most Americans, who are encouraged to publish his story as their own in local media in order to spread the environmental concern. 
On ecology: "Or trying to get life in balance ... with Americans"  

The Danes are the world's most generous providers of foreign aid - presently giving 7 times as much per capita as Americans. Yet, Jacob Holdt is one of the strongest Danish critics of the racism often involved in the way Denmark gives aid to developing countries and shows an alternative way of doing it.
Development aid and racism


The National Resource Center for the Healing of Racism - provides all people involved in the process of healing the disease of racism, and upholding the oneness of humankind, with the tools and resources to support and enhance their work.  The Resource area of their website includes an impressive searchable database organized by category with direct links to on-line documents, websites, and more. 

Crosspoint Anti Racism 

Recovering Racists Network

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