Psychic leaps

Book pages 69-71




The powerlessness I felt as a photographer towards these stifling sensations mirrored the powerlessness they impose on the trapped poor. Even if I could have afforded a wide


angle lens to record the narrowness, such psychic sensations simply can't be photographed for an outside observer who doesn't already know them.  




In the same way I felt it almost impossible to photograph America's rich upper class. I could only photograph one room at a time which in no way shows the true dimensions of their mansions.   Furthermore, upper class habits have changed so that the rich no longer surround themselves with sumptuous splendor like the rich of the 1890's.

It is more difficult to photograph an abundance which allows expensive trips to foreign countries and possession of several mansions or ranches in several states.
Although the gap between rich and poor is not very big in
  photographs, the psychic leaps that I so often took from shack to plantation home or urban ghetto to millionaire home were so shockingly violent that each time I felt as if I had taken a trip from Earth to the moon.


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