Poor slave

Book pages 62-63


Poor slave, take the shackles off your body,
poor slave, put the shackles on your mind.

Please listen to me carefully
and if I'm wrong then correct me.

But if I'm right my song do praise,
now lets see if we agree:

The definition of a slave
means one not free entirely
so a slave is still a slave
if he can't think independently.

A tree is still a tree
though it sheds its leaves when winter comes.

But it blooms again in spring
for it did not lose its roots at all.

But a slave remains a slave
without the knowledge of his roots
until he's taught the past
not just some, but all the truth.

There was a brother the other day
telling me he's feeling high
but I just sadly had to sigh
for drugs and booze ain't glory,

and if I had the chance to get high
I would tell the truth and not a lie,

for the highest high a man can get
is from wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Poor slave, ease the pressure off your body,
poor slave, put it on your mind...


Copyright 2005 AMERICAN PICTURES; All rights reserved.


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