The cotton fields

Book pages 28-29

Slave driver
The tables are turned now
catch a fire
you're going to get burned now.
Every time I hear the crack of the whip
my blood run cold
I do remember on a slave ship
how they brutalized my very soul.

Today they say
that we are free
only to be chained
in this poverty!
Good God
I think it illiteracy it's only a machine
that makes money.

We certainly experienced the "machine" - personified in stockbrokers reading the tickertape just as a century ago they had found it their natural right to invest in human beings as private property - as more than mere paper-speculators when hour after hour the well-to-do people from up North swept past us in the cotton fields in their big motor homes and campers on their way to the sun in Florida.

Each of their rolling homes burns up as much gas in an hour as we could buy after a whole day in the cotton fields. Why are these paper-shufflers up in New York and Massachusetts able to have these extra rolling houses when they already have huge homes and the cotton pickers do not even have a waterproof shack to live in?



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